Friday, April 15, 2016

Missing in action

I have been missing in action from this blog.  So sorry.  My only excuse is that life is busy.  Blogging seems to be low on the totem pole.  Our family is doing well.

Since my last post we had a great Easter.

Kadyn had a great birthday.

This weekend we are off to Jefferson City to see Kadyn perform her composition at an award ceremony.  A few months back she entered a composition contest hosted by Missouri University.  She won 2nd place in her division.  We are so very proud of her.  She started by creating a poem.  She seems to very good with words and poetry. Then she created a tune to go with it by plunking out the notes in her head on the piano and writing them down.  Lastly, she played different chords and tried to figure out which chords went with her tune and wala!  She had a real contender for the competition.  I knew it was something special when I heard it.  I'm not even sure she realizes how big of a deal this is.  She has made the Branson newspaper, the Reeds Spring newspaper, and been posted on facebook on the district's webpage.  She will be getting 300$ and then $750 for her school as part of her reward.  Her dad and I have asked her to spend the money on something musical.  She has wanted to start violin lessons, so she has decided to spend the money on a new bow and case.  I have an extra violin I will be giving her  it just needed a new bow and case.

Jeff won a free weekend stay at a local resort complete with frozen pizzas and a boat rental for the weekend.  The resort has the capacity to hold  more than our small family so we have invited my sister's family to join us.  It should be a good time.

Jeff completed his first 5K a couple weeks ago.  We were all there to cheer him on.  It was neat and we were all so proud of him.

Kadyn has recently jumped on the fitness bandwagon.  I think seeing her parents really getting into it and knowing that she sometimes has trouble keeping up with her own classmates on the playground has gotten the better of her.   I have printed off a couch to 5K program for her to follow and so far she has gotten two weeks in and still seems to be going strong.  I have promised her for every month she sticks with it, to buy her a new workout outfit.  I also, have told her we will all run a 5K this summer. It would be my first two.  What a great experience to have my first one be with my daughter's first.  I sure hope she sticks with it and makes it happen for us.  

A couple months ago, Kadyn had a little competion for her C4 (gifted class) called "Destination Imagination."  In a nutshell she her group had to come up with a skit and design all the costumes and set all on their own.  Some high school students judged each group.  She was competing with other groups her age and 6th grade groups as well.  She did well and her group actually placed tied for first with a sixth grade group.  I will never forget seeing her pride when they announced their placement.  It was a precious moment I will remember forever.  As a reward, her group was invited to go see the highschool kids compete at state level in Joplin.  

In March Jeff and I attended the annual chamber of commerce black tie event.  We really dressed up.  It was fun to go shopping for such a fancy event in a new fit body.  For the first time, I didn't approach shopping with the idea that I had to hide body parts.  I could shop for clothes that flaunted them instead.  

We took a short little trip to Tulsa for Spring break.  We visited the local aquarium, went swimming at the hotel pool, and went to see Cirque De Sol Avatar.  The show was amazing and was exactly what I was expecting....beautiful with bright colors and scenery.

Jeff and I have both been enjoying being a big part of the worship team at church.  I have always wanted to serve in that capactity and this is the first time a church has embraced me doing this.  The folks on this team are amazingly talented and I feel honored they will include me.  It is Branson talent after all.  Jeff always sneaks a photo of me during rehearsals.
We are all looking forward to the summer and have big news about a new furry friend that we will be welcoming late summer.  Hopefully, I will find time to post before that time.  Until then...I feel somewhat caught up.  Enjoy!