Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Funnies

I love the funny things my kids say.  The little laughs they bring me certainly brighten my day and make every messy face, poopy butt, pee puddles, sassy mouths, and drama queen issues all worth it. 

A couple days ago Bren looks at me and pays me an unusual compliment,
"I like your boobs Mama!"
"Gee thanks Bren?"

I put Bren down one night and as I'm walking out the door she says, "You're welcome!"

I told Bren good job tonight when she peed a whole bunch in the potty chair right before she went down for the night.  Her reply, "Gank you!"

Bren informed me today  "I pay (play) with my pivate (private) parts."........Awesome!

I had each of the girls say a prayer of their own before bed tonight.  Brennan's prayer was short and sweet and I had to give her the idea of what to pray for and have her repeat after me.

Bren's prayer, "Dear Jesus.  Help me to not be a minosaur (someone who steals toys and says, mine, mine,  mine).  Amen!"

Kadyn's prayer went on and on and on and on while Bren was doing the cutest little hiccups which had me silently cracking up.  Then Kadyn asks God to help her get over her cold.  She pauses, then asks me if she still, in fact, even has a cold. I respond with, "No."  She looks up and says to God, "Forget about that."  As Kadyn's trotting off to bed she says she did an extra long prayer to bless God because he loves her so much.  I affirmed that he did, in fact, love her a whole lot.  She said something about him loving her more than she did. I replied,

"Yes, he loves you more than you even love yourself."

She pauses with a confused look on her face and declares.

"I don't love myself!"  (I think she thought of "loving yourself" like when you love a boy or something.  She was a little confused).

These are the moments.  Aw!  Gotta love em!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BIG Progress

Yesterday was such a good day.  Brennan had no pee accidents.  Poop is another story, but still that's progress!  Little man X had NO tantrums or fits.  He did have several time outs, BUT he didn't loose control.  Let's count them...that's a big fat Z-E-R-O fits or tantrums!  This is a first at my house.  I feel like a won the lottery or something.  Yesterday actually felt like a normal day rather than a war zone! Praise Jesus!  In fact, little man X hasn't even mentioned missing his mother.

Little gal greeted me with a big hug.  Sigh!  I love huggies!  And she hasn't bitten anyone since she came back from spring break.  Of course, I don't expect every day to be perfect, but I feel like I can finally breath and the worst is behind me.

Now if only I could get my voice back so I can sing again.  My voice and I, we're close ya know.  You don't realize how much you use your voice until it's gone. 

Anyhoo...I love having good reports.  Hoping the rest of this week goes just as smoothly!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Mighty Temper Tantrum

My apologies for always blogging about daycare recently, but currently it has been my biggest trial and it feels good to put it in writing. Helps me process.  As I'm sure you've gathered from my previous posts I have been having to deal with behaviors I have NEVER had to deal with until now, namely the mighty temper tantrum.

My girls have had their fits, and sometimes they have full blown almost put me over the edge fits, but I have never seen them throw themselves to the floor in a fit of rage and scream at the top of their lungs so loudly I thought I was going to blow an ear drum.  I have never seen them loose control to the point where I had absolutely no element of control.  I have also been able to put them in their rooms and let them calm down.

My newest little guy, who I will call call X to protect privacy, has the biggest temper tantrums I have ever seen. The first day after drop off I literally had to hold him down for 30 minutes because he was so out of control when I let go of him he would run to the door and try to escape.  X actually did take off and run down the street when Mom was trying to get him through the front door that morning.  Later at nap time he ended up screaming out of control for an hour and a half before I gave up and called mom to come pick him up.  Turned out he had a horrendous ear infection.  I think that contributed to a large part of his behavior that day.

Since then, he still has his temper tantrums, but they are more like 10, 15, or 20 minutes long.  They are becoming less in number and slowly we are starting to get a handle on them.  I feel like I am walking on eggshells all day knowing that when I enforce my no's or house rules, it may set him off.  However, I am committed to standing firm so that he knows he can't walk all over me.  It is so very, very hard.

The thing that has helped diffuse them the quickest is literally removing ourselves from the room so he is alone to throw the tantrums (super nanny tactic).  He will not stay where I put him so putting him in a room never works; sitting him a time out spot never works because he just rolls away and starts kicking his feet.  He does follow us and screams on the other side of the door and lays down and kicks the door.  It is so hard to remain calm when he acts that way and sometimes I wonder if he will literally beat my door down.  I literally start shaking.  I sing praise songs, I quote scripture and try to distract the other children.  Eventually, he calms and I then I make him sit in time out for his behavior.  I know I have to follow through on a consequence for his tantrums.  He is not allowed out of time out unless he is calm and sitting up against the wall.  We later talk about his behavior, I tell him that we must leave the room because it hurts our ears, I tell him my expectations, I tell him God's expectations,  and discuss more appropriate ways to deal with his emotions.  I always hug them compliment him for being calm and in control during his time out.  We always pray for God to help us with specific behavioral challenges at each snack and meal time when we pray for blessings on the food. The next time I see him on the verge of a tantrum I gently remind him about what we talked about.  Sometimes it has helped him regain his control before it turns into a tantrum, other times it has made no difference.

This seems to be working....slowly  Instead of temper tantrums daily, we are averaging one or two every other day or so with at least one small fit every day.  He is now arriving at my house calm and in control.  It has been a very trying, learning experience for me. I have had to cling to my faith to sustain me and it has strengthened me as a mother and person in ways I didn't know possible.  I have tapped into patience I didn't know I even had and I have learned how to control my own anger as when he gets that way it is easy to let his anger lure you into a little anger of your own. I have pretty much been sick ever since the boys have started which has made this process all the harder. The boys came to me with runny noses; my illness started two days later.  Today I am loosing my voice.  Not good when I need to constantly talk to all six kids about behvavior, sharing, and being kind to each other.

However, I do see light at the end of the tunnel.  Day by day they are starting to obey my rules and expectations.  I have to be on my toes CONSTANTLY!  They have both told me they love me several times.  No daycare kid has ever said that to me.  That makes the challenge of it all a little easier.  What's weird is that instead of just wanting to throw my hands in the air and say, "I give up" I just feel even more determined each day to make an impact on these boys.  In the end, I hope to see nicely behaved children and know that I had a hand in molding them to be that way, probably due in large part by listening to God's voice.  We've been talking a lot these days.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wrote a book

Yes....that's right folks. I wrote a book.  My mother proposed the idea to me about a month or two ago.  Now it's not a long one.  It's about 50 pages on a word document.  I'm guessing that may double if it were actually printed into a real book because word's pages are much larger than the pages of a book.  With all my experience with children and the things I do with them daily, my mom thought I should share with others.   

I have to admit when she first proposed the idea of writing it, I thought she was nuts.  After all, I've only been a mother for 5 years.  However, collectively starting from my first babysitting job at the age of 13 I have worked with children for 20 years of my life.  I know there is still A LOT to learn.  I even wonder if any one would take me seriously since my children are far from grown.  So at first I just kind of wrote off the idea thinking maybe someday, but I'm not ready yet.

However, the idea kept sneaking back into my mind.  I had a conversation with God about it and I was basically told to just sit down and start writing out the things that I could talk about.  I had the feeling that I may be surprised what I came up with.  All the sudden ideas just started popping into my mind at lightning speeds.  I got out my pencil and started writing as quickly as my pencil could go all the while trying to fix supper as we had a guest coming soon.  It really was bad timing, but I knew I had to write it down before the ideas were gone.

When I finished, I realized I had a lot more to say than I thought I did.  I knew a lot more than I thought I did.  Suddenly a real passion to get started took over.  I spent night after night typing, typing, typing.  It was addicting.  The words just flowed out of me so naturally and perfectly.  I later went and started adding passage after passage of scripture to drive some points home. They fit perfectly into what I was trying to say.  I had the number in my head of 50 and when I finished I had exactly 50 pages.  They fit perfectly into what I was trying to say.

Then I went back and read it.  It kind of amazed me how well it all fit together.  I don't take credit for any of it really.  I do think God wanted me to do it.  I do not know why.  Perhaps, it will be published someday and be a blessing for its readers.  Perhaps it will be a keepsake for my children to help them raise thier own children.  Perhaps it's just a good reminder for me to know just how far I've come as a mother and person.  I really don't know.

Right now I'm sitting on it.  I have given it to my mother to read and critique.  I will probably be seeing if one of my good friends can edit for me for mistakes as she is SOOO good at that.  Then, I will just see where God leads my heart with it.  It is called Being the Christian Mother God Made You to Be. 

In case you're wondering what's in it.  Here are the chapters:

I.  Preface

II.  Some Basics of Being a Christian Mother

III. Scripture

IV.  Education

V.  The Family Budget
 VI.  Discipline

VII.  Your Marriage

VIII.  Outside Influences

IX.  Church

X.  The Evil One

XI.  Love

XII.   Reaping the Rewards

XIII.  Prayer of Salvation


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A biblical journey

I've always known that the word of God is the Sword of the Spirit.  I'm not sure I fully understood what that meant until recently. I have been trying to commit to memory verses that I need right now because something inside urged me too.  For me, that means teaching them to the kids and putting it to the song.  That is my little trick for remembering it quickly and easily.

Jeff even came home one afternoon to me busting a move to "Love is patient, love is kind...."  That verse saved me from loosing it last week.  It seemed to diffuse anxiety that came my way in the middle of the new boy's many temper tantrums.  We simply would hibernate in another room and sing the verse together while he calmed down.  It seemed to diffuse not only my anxiety over his trying behavior, but also his emotions as well.

If emotions were a concrete thing you could see, I can imagine that God's word was a nice shiny sword slicing through all that drama last week.  It has encouraged me to continue seeking his face through his word, and striving to hide it in my heart.  It truly kept me sane last week.  Emotionally I wanted to fall apart, but deep inside there was something stronger holding me up.  Praise Jesus!  I get it now.  Suit me up in your full armor.  It is much easier being under your protection, that's for sure.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It worked

I'm not sure I ever updated after one of my last posts regarding my little 'ehem' complexion problem.  This will be short and sweet.  I never did a fast by the way, but still would like to try it sometime.  I did try the following which were supposed to help with complexion problems:

-Eliminating milk
-adding zinc supplements
-adding cod liver oil supplements
-drinking more green tea
-eliminating caffeine (this was short lived)
-drinking apple cider vinegar

Perhaps it was a combo of all of the above, but I really think what finally helped me was the apple cider vinegar as I only started noticing a notable difference when I took it.  The day after I started taking it, I got no new blemishes.  Within 3 days, things began to really clear up.  I had two deep blemishes that took a couple weeks to clear up and are almost gone today.  That's a win in my book, because I had one of these blemishes that had been on my face for MONTHS!  My skin looks clear.  This is such a relief to me as I was starting to get scarring from this problem. I am just ecstatic that I finally found something natural to help me; no doctors or antibiotics and drugs for me thankyou!  It took a little while to get over the taste of the stuff, it's like drinking salad dressing in the morning, but hey it is worth it!  I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again.

So if you ever have a little blemish problem of your own.  Give it a try.  I take one tablespoon of the stuff diluted in water twice a day and use a solution of 1/3 ACV and 2/3 water as a toner after I wash my face with baby soap.  I'll never go back.

Kadyn birthday #2

Kadyn birthday #1

My parents came to town for Kadyn's 5th birthday.  It was a whirlwind of activity, but it was a memorable birthday.  Saturday we went to Silver Dollar City.  Sunday night we went to church, opened presents, went to the Dixie Stampede (where no photography was allowed so no pics, sorry), came home for cake and icecream and hit the sack.  Mom and Dad left today.  Miss them already. 

Kadyn has had mixed emotions about turning 5.  She is excited for school and sad at the same time as she knows she will no longer be at home with me and her buddies.  Maybe she's picked up on my anxiety about it all?  I know she'll do great at school.  I think she'll like it more than she knows. 

Here's some pics from our big weekend. After starting two new kiddos (which come at 7 sharp) right after the time change, and having a big family celebration weekend, I am WIPED!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I've learned (or confirmed) in one week

It's been one week of watching the new little guys full time now.  After my 2 days last week that were very trying, I was very nervous if this was going to be another doozy of a week.  They have certainly challenged me on levels that I didn't even know existed and we are certainly not over the hump yet.  I have been up and down emotionally with it all and now sit and reflect where I'm at with it.  So here's 50 things I've learned (or confirmed) in one week of watching 5 kids minus one who is on spring break.

1.  Patience is not something that comes immediately after you ask for it in prayer.  It must be learned and takes practice, practice.

2.  You have to show children patience if you expect them to be patient too.

3.  If you watch 6 children you have to have the same rules for exceptions.

4.  One warning is all you need, then you MUST follow through.

5.  Kids have to be taught how to share by example.  Give them the words to say and make them practice over and over and over and over again.

6.  Praise goes a long, long way and pretty soon they want to earn it

7.  If they just can't share a toy and you are having to jump into squabbles too much over the said toy, everyone must say goodbye to the toy or you will LOSE YOUR MIND!

8.  Boys can be clean when using the toilet.  They must be responsible to clean up their own messes.  This improves aim more than any cheerio in the toilet training method and preserves this Mama's sanity.

9.  No one, and I mean NO ONE is allowed in the kitchen at any time except when it is to eat their food. 

10.  Mama will not answer any questions about what we are eating or when it will be done.  Children only need to know that I am cooking them something to eat and I will call them when I am done.  This is survival for Mama as she hates answering the same questions 50 times.

11. Temper tantrums can last over an hour and KILL your ears.  Not every child responds to the same method to tame the tantrum. 

12.  MOST children do respond to leaving the room during a tantrum.  It's not worth wasting all that energy if there is no one around to entertain. 

 13.  Never underestimate a older toddler when it comes to hiding medicine.  They are better at getting things out of reach than you might think.  SCARY!

14.  Goofing around with the kids is the quickest way to bond with them.  Expect to hear "I love You's" from children who you barely know.

15.  Getting up and devoting time in the morning to God really does sustain you.  I believe he does bless your day when you do that.  You will begin to rejoice in the smallest victories.

16.  Being overprepared is always a good idea with this many kids.

15.  Using God throughout your day with children by telling them scripture that pertains to certain behaviors really does help.

16.  Having several activities planned ALWAYS helps prevent problems.
17.  Always, always, use cool voices when reading books.

18.  Going outside is really important if the weather permits.  Making kids run in circles in the culdesac can really burn off a lot of energy.

19.  Not letting bad behavior get the better of you takes practice, sometimes you have to be a pretty proficient actor, but I promise if you commit to it, God will help you let it roll off your back.

20.  If you ask God to help you love naughty children even when they are driving you NUTS, he will answer.  I didn't know I would feel this way after one week considering all I've been through.

21.  Persistence does pay off when it comes to potty training.  We have been practicing for weeks without ANY successes and FINALLY, FINALLY, we are making progress.

22.  Getting plenty of rest always helps.

23.  Expect things to be much harder when you are sick and/or the kids are sick. 

24.  Don't beat yourself up if you don't get the result you want; just remember tomorrow is a new beginning.

25.  Always consult God throughout your day and listen to his gentle voice for answers. 

26.  Remember that behavior is always relevant to age.

27. Let your No's mean NO!

28.  Always lay your expecations and rules out before doing anything. 

29.  Having children repeat your words during prayers helps teach them your expectations.  "Dear God, please bless this food us share toys, help us use kind words, help us understand our Mommies will come back, help us control our emotions, help us OBEY MISS DARCI!  And praise you Jesus for getting us through this day.  Amen!"

30.  Watching other people's kids really makes you appreciate your own A LOT!

31.  Try not to judge the parents of the people's kids you watch.  Meditate on this verse "Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone."  That can keep you in check.

32.  Some kids are born with a love of learning, others must be taught how to love learning.  It takes time, and patience, but persistance always pays off.  Praise of ANY achievements in this area goes a long ways.

33.  Not all parents deem it necessary to teach their children how to wash thier hands, pull up their own pants, hold a pencil or crayon, etc. at the right ages..  Accept the challenge and see it as your little gift to them.

34.  Let your mind flash forward to a year from now. A lot will change and you'll realize just how far you've come.  All that hard work will pay off!  Just look at the kids you've already had for a year.

35.  Don't get caught up in always saying what "not" to do.  You have to follow up with what they "can" do.  Ex:  "You can't play with the remote control, but you can play with this toy phone if you want too.  You can't play on the trampoline right now, but you can ride the rocking horse while you're waiting for your turn."

36.  The old classic games, London Bridges, Ring around the Rosie, and Duck Duck Goose are still as fun as they were when we were kids.  If only I had enough kids to play Red Rover.  Hmmmm....that's probably too many.

37.  Remember God chose "You" to watch these kids, don't let him down. 

38.  Kids love memorizing scripture when you put it to a catchy tune.  Mom enjoys busting a move to her new musical scriptures. 

39.  Dancing in the living room with 5 kids and a pretend banana microphone is quite amusing.

40.  Getting up at the butt crack of dawn does make for better naps for little ones.

41.  Don't put food on the table until AFTER the prayer!  If you do, expect sneaky hands to take sneaky bites.

42.  ALWAYS insist on manners.  Don't let kids get away with hinting when they want something.  They have to learn how to ask nicely with a "please" in there somewhere.  For example.

Kid: My shoe is untied.
Me:  Hmmmm.....That's too bad.  What are you going to do about that?
Kid:  (Puzzled)
Me:  I could help you, but you didn't use any manners
Kid:  Please.
Me:  Please what?
Kid:  Please will you help me tie my shoe.
Me:  Sure, I'd be glad to help you.  Thanks for using your manners.

(I drive a tough ship.  What can I say?)

43.  Stay on top of children who disrespect other children.  Respect doesn't stop with you, it goes for everyone around them too. 

44.  If you don't want kids to wake other kids during nap time, plan a quiet activity or you're doomed to wake someone up.

45.  Your own children must abide by the daycare rules and understand the rules can change when daycare is not in session.  For example, Mama's room is off limits between the hours of 7:00am-6:00pm.

46.  Make a big deal about being "big boys."  Children who are babied will act like babies.

47.  Memorize verses that directly apply to your struggles and recite them throughout your day when the going gets tough.  It will give you more strength than you know.

48.  Expect that there will be ear piercing screaming at 7:00 am sharp when a child is being seperated from his Mama, at least until he gets used to it.

49.  Be thankful for husbands who are supportive and offer their ears for you to vent too. 

50.  Teach children that they options when it comes to tattle tailing.  Unless someone is getting hurt, destroying something, or being hateful, they probably don't have to be tattled on.  Tattling drives Mama NUTS!  If they aren't being a good friend, you don't have to play with them.  Most kids don't like to play by themselves. 

51.  Pat yourself on the back for doing what some would deem the impossible.  Raising this many children in the light of Christ is no easy feat.  You are making a difference in this world! 

(OK I cheated.  I did 51.  It's been a long week!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honestly, how do I do it?

In my last post about daycare, I let you all know I was about to start 2 new children.  They were to be part time until their Mama found a job.  We have begun.  So far the boys have been in my care 3 days.  It has been an adjustment for sure.  Not only for us, but for them too.  Has it been stressful.  Absolutely.  Has it been more than I can handle, seems like it should be, but....somehow I have been able to remain calm in the midst of the chaos.  I have found that I have to be on my toes CONSTANTLY.

The new boys are HIGH maintenance.  Seeing as how they have only been watched by their grandmother and mother their whole lives, you can pretty much guess that there is a lot of learning that has to be done in a social environment.  Taking turns, not stealing toys, not tattle tailing, etc.  Then there's general house rules that we've had to work on like not climbing on the furniture, not putting things in the fish bowl (which our fish is now dying by the way), calling me by name instead of calling me 'hey you', sitting down during storytime so everyone can see, not standing on the kitchen chairs, using manners instead of just making demands for my help, not sassing me when I make requests, staying out of the kitchen when I cook, refraining from asking me 1000 times if lunch is done, not throwing fits when you don't get your way, and remaining calm when you are told that Mommy won't be back until later.  I've had to teach the four year old how to wash his hands, that drinking or eating after others spreads germs, how to put his pants on, how to hold a pencil a crayon, how to use scissors, and not to use scissors to cut your hand or your tongue.  It's been a real doozy of 3 days.

Today ended with a phone call to Mom to tell her that she needed to come early.  The youngest had been having a screaming tantrum for over hour.  He refused to take a nap, refused to calm down, refused to do.....anything.  I have a lot of patience, but when it starts to affect my ability to take care of the other kids, I have to draw a line.  The poor big kids spent the better part of that hour sitting at the table waiting, waiting on me to finish working with the little man so I could help them with their preschool worksheets and projects.  I suspect that the little guy has an ear infection, but Mom doesn't seem to think so.  Sure would explain a lot if he did.  At least I would feel that perhaps there is hope for a better day with him.

Of  course I can only credit my good Lord for sustaining me though this transition.  When you look on everything I've dealt with you would thing it's enough to drive any person to complete insanity.  However, he keeps gently reminding me of my first little man and how far he has come.  Only a year ago when I was teaching him how to share, wash his hands, pull up his pants, hold a crayon, etc.  I really enjoy having him around and love the freindship he has offered to my girls. 

Am I ready to call it quits with these new little guys?  Not yet.  I want to believe that God put them in my care for a reason.  I want to believe that they are just acting out because of all the change and we will eventually settle down.  I know I'm capable of watching 6 children, I just need those 6 children to be well behaved for the better part of the day.  A tantrum here or there is to be expected, but an hour and a half is more than enough for me.  We shall see. 

In addition to this new dynamic of the new children in the house, I have had the pleasure of cleaning up urine in my bathroom, on my carpet, and poop in my tub thanks to daycare children and my own (the latter problem anyways).  I've had to wipe 5 runny noses (including my own which all the mothers blame on allergies, yea right!) I also have had to deal with the return of old behaviors such as biting, hitting, and stealing toys from little daycare gal.  All I can say is, is it Friday yet?

Thank you sweet Jesus for getting me through today.  Tomorrow is a new beginning I hope it is a better one. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Splash Country

This weekend one of the local indoor water parks called 'Splash Country' was having a special for locals.  Five dollar per person admission.  We took advantage.  When we walked in I had Kadyn stand up to the sign to make sure she was big enough to ride the big tube slides.  Looked fine to me so we proceeded to ride the big rides.  Half way through our visit the staff changed and the new guy questioned whether Kadyn was big enough to ride the tube rides.  He made her go stand against the sign again.  This time she almost appeared an inch too short.  She shrunk because she wasn't wearing shoes and her hair was flat and wet.  Woops!  Didn't think about that when I had her stand against the sign the first time.  Funny thing was, Kadyn tried to stand her tippy toes to fudge her height a little.  I had to tell her that wasn't appropriate.  Thankfully, the guy decided to let us go.  Kind of seems silly to deny her when she had been going down the slides for the past hour. Anyways, it was a good, fun, and full day.
These are the big slides.
They had a nice little toddler play area.  So glad we weren't confined to that area with Kadyn  She would've gotten bored quickly.
Everyone was able to float down the river in inner tubes.  That was fun and relaxing...when we weren't being overran by junior high aged children that is.  Sometimes I thought they would tube right over the top of us. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Working out the details

Another daycare blog.  Last time I updated you I was supposed to start a new little gal and my old little gal was going to be returning.  Well, new little gal never ended up coming.  Unforseen events with her mother's job prevented that from taking place.  Our adjustment to our old little gal was pretty smooth.  We're back into our old routine without a hitch. 

Shortly after I had agreed to watch the new little gal I had recieved a call from a woman who was moving into town.  She had two and four year old boys she had adopted from Africa.  She had seen my website and was very interested in placing her boys in my care.  It was very important her boys be in a Christian care.  She was a former missionary and felt God had led her to Branson because many doors had opened here.  When I heard the age of her boys I was really dissppointed that I no longer had an opening because her boys were the perfect ages for the crew I already have.  I have been worried for some time about finding a buddy for my little man when Kadyn starts school.

Anyways, to make a long story short, my spot opened back up and I was able to accept her boys.  They will be part time at first until Mom finds a job.  I enjoyed talking to their mother.  She is a sweet lady and a good mom.  She has such a big heart for children as she has also adopted two older girls who are now grown.  Both were in very troubled situations.  I was brought to tears as she told me the story of her youngest son's adoption and how God worked out all the details of it down to telling her what he shall be named and how perfectly his name fit him. 

It just so happens that we are a mere 5 minutes from her new apartment and that out of all the daycares she visited, mine was the only one where the boys seemed happy.  She had told me her youngest literally had melt downs at every daycare to the point where she thought her ear drums were going to be broke.  He didn't want to leave my house.  We're both 'sign' people and I think we both left our meeting feeling that we had gotten our "sign."  Finding the right children and parents for that matter, is essential for everyone's happiness.  It does seem peculiar how the details of this worked out for everyone.  God really is into the details.  Hoping I am following his will on this one.  I've learned that nothing is a done deal in my line of work.  We shall see.

Starting part time with the boys will be a nice way to adjust to the dynamic of having 6 kids in my house.  Shew 6 kids!  Definitely my limit.  That does sound like a lot doesn't it?  Well that number will at least go down to 5 when Kadyn goes to school.  That's only one more than I have now.  I can do this!  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As you know I was concerned that the illness in my family would begin to increase when little gal returned to daycare.  Last week was her first week here.  Day one was great.  No sign of illness.  As I suspected, she showed up sick on day two.  Buckets and buckets of snot pouring out of her nose and lots of.  I figured this was the start of a never ending cycle with the whole family. Still to this day (day 8) little gal is dealing with this cold, although I can tell it's starting in it's final stages.  Kadyn started complaining about being congested right around the same time little gal got sick.  I decided to try something I read about online which said to put some white vinegar in each ear and let it sit for 10 minutes at the first signs of a cold.  We gave it a try.  Kadyn was a trooper. 

Kadyn never got any worse.  She complained of having a stuffy nose for two more days and then it was just gone.  No runny nose, no coughing, no sneezing....just gone.  I don't know if it was really all the supplements that kicked it for her or the vinegar trick, or maybe she wasn't even sick at all, but I'm wondering.  Brennan didn't get sick.  Little man didn't get get sick.  Little man, Kadyn, and Bren are all on vitamin supplements.  Hmmmmm. wish I knew if it was just dumb luck or a result of the vitamins or vinegar trick.  Whatever it is....we're going to keep taking those just in case.  It's worth the extra money to ensure our health.