Sunday, April 25, 2010

A fun project

Jeff bought us some rolls of large paper for very cheap one day thinking we could use it for art projects.  Last week I got the brilliant idea of having the kids lay down on the paper, tracing an outline of their bodies and then letting them color and decorate their body outlines.  Kadyn LOVED this.  Brennan thought it was so cool, we kept having to pry her off the paper so we could finish tracing the big kids.  It was obvious I was going to have to do an outline of Brennan too.  When we finished I found it humorous that Kadyn had drawn one HUGE ear on one side of her head and a tiny one on the other.  Then she drew this odd looking thing on top of her head which she said was a "party hat."  She is OBSESSED with parties.  She was all too happy to help Brennan with her ears and party hat too as you will see. 

Anyhow, Brennan loved the whole process too.  She colored hers a little and even decided that coloring her real body was a good idea too.  She ended the project with a green foot and a little on her clothes too.  Thank goodness it was washable marker.  I wish I would've gotten a pic of the foot, but didn't remember to take a pic of it.  Anyhow, it was a fun experience for everyone.

Left handed challenges

This is one of the crafts we did last week, a paper quilt.  I numbered each square on the daycare boy's project, but Kadyn insisted on writing her own numbers.  When she was finished what I saw was a prime example of something she's been struggling with a little bit.  Since we have started writing, her natural tendency is t write things backwards in more ways than one.  As you can see half of the numbers on this project are written so that if you held it up to a mirror it would look right.  I ended up drawing the numbers with dotted lines in pencil for her to trace over so that she had the chance to draw them correctly, thus two numbers on most every square.  When she tries to draw words she will do the same thing with her letters and draw the letters from right to left.  I really wonder if a lot of this stems from being left handed.  I have read that drawing things backwards is pretty normal at this age, so I'm not going to freak out just yet.  Anyone else out there have children doing the same thing at the same age?  Are they left handed?  I really wonder.

Another girls night

It is not uncommon for Jeff to have work related obligations on some evenings.  Therefore, in order to make the prospect of a Dadless night more appealing, I started girl's nights.  It's not usually anything spectacular, mostly just a normal evening with the ability to watch a girly show and maybe some toenail painting on occasion.  A couple nights ago I go the brilliant idea to make smores.  They were a big hit to say the least.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just because

Because no Mom can resist posting every cute picture she has ever taken, here's some more.

A baby who loves babies

My baby (ok maybe not a baby anymore, but still seems like my baby) loves babies.  She plays with baby dolls most of the day.  She holds them, cuddles them, feeds them, rocks them, pushes them in her stroller, covers them up with blankets, puts them in a chair, carries them draped over her shoulder like a nap sack, and just plain loves them to death!  So it's no wonder that she has taken a real liking to the little 8 month old baby I watch everyday.  To Brennan, this is a real, live baby doll.  Brennan usually showers her with hugs.  It's so cute to watch, but I can't let it go on too long.  Her lovings can sometimes be a bit smothering to the poor baby.  I snapped a few photos so you can see all the love.  She always does this on her own accord.  I never prompt her.  It happens EVERY day.

Pleasant weekend

Last weekend was very pleasant.  I decided it was time for our annual pilgrammage to Springfield to visit the library.  It never seems right to spend the gas just to do one thing, so I planned some other activities while we were there since my plans to go swimming were foiled by high admission rates from the YMCA.  Therefore, we stopped by a few record stores so Jeff could check out some deals since it was National Record store day.  Afterwards we went to the library to return our current books and check out new ones.  The kids really enjoyed the choo choo train  play area while I perused new books to check out.  We also stopped by a friend's house for a playdate.  Then to end our visit we stopped by the Ruttlidge Wilson farm.  I packed sack lunches for everyone, so we ate first.  Next we checked out the animals and ended on the farm playground.  Kadyn and Brennan LOVED the slipper slides.  Brennan cried when we had to leave them.  Kadyn finally conquered her fear of the curly tunnel slide and was very proud of herself. 

Later that evening as we sat down to supper Kadyn said, "Mom today was a fun day."  Hearing that always makes our efforts worth it.  A good time indeed.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 Funnies

Today Kadyn did/said some of the funniest things.  I had to write blog about them so they were captured somewhere and not forgotten about.  I ask that you be a little forgiving as one of them is a bit crude, but I'm sure other Moms will understand the humor for sure.  Here goes:

Funny #1-  Kadyn trots out of the bathroom and exclaims, "Mom I found a new way to poop." Me thinking, "Seriously.  Isn't there only one way to poop?  Should I hear this?"  So I calmly reply, "Do share."  She says, "You just close your eyes real tight and squeeze really hard and it just come right out."  Me, "Yes, that's usually how it works."

Funny #2-  On our way to McDonalds to take advantage of the 50 cent ice cream cones Kadyn tells me (as if I didn't know)  "Mom I want an ice cream cone.  That's a cone with ice cream in it."

Funny #3-While at McDonalds Jeff tells me a little more about his trip to Springfield with Kadyn last Saturday.  Apparently she jammed her finger when getting in the car.  He has the windows rolled down and she asks if she could put her finger out the window and let the air blow on it to make it feel better.  He says that would be fine.  A little later he looks back and notices the finger that she's hanging out the window is the bird.

Oh the funny things they say and do.  I'm going to to miss this age.  It seems the older she gets, the wiser she gets, the less innocent she becomes, and the funny things she says out of pure innocence slowly disappear.  They certainly aren't as frequent as they used to be, but when they do come, they're darn funny.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My new discovery.

This year I trotted off to Walmart with the kiddies to try to find some flowers for my pots and perhaps attempt to start a container vegetable garden. Our yard is going to need some major dirty work to be ready for a real garden.  We don't have the resources to make that happen right now, so container gardening really seems my only option.   I had every intention of buying a few tomatoe plants and pepper plants and putting them in some already existing pots.  However, I ran into the neatest little planter that I just had to have.  You can hang up to 4 tomato plants from the bottom of the container and plant your choice of herbs, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, or other vegetables in the top.  It really is a neat idea and concept.  So many plants, such little space.  I really hope it works. 

Since I started my vegetarian kick, I have also tried to buy things organic when I can afford to do so. I bought organic soil to put in my planter and would like to keep them fertilized organically as well.  I do not want to do the whole manure and compost pile thing.  I just don't have the resources or area to do that yet.  So I did a little research.  my plan is to water the little beauties with my fish tank water, and on occasion use some milk mixtures, coffee ground mixtures, and egg shell solutions to feed the little plants.  I hope it works.  I realize that container gardening often means you have to replenish the soil often of nutrients. The soil is I bought is supposed to feed up to 2 months, so hopefully this will help fill in the gaps.  Wish me luck!  Here's hoping the end of this summer yields me a bountiful crop of green peppers, yellow peppers, and tomatoes.  Kind of wish Jeff would let me do one more so I could have strawberries and zucchini.  Maybe next year.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Jeff is board member of our local YMCA.  It actually isn't located in Branson, but in a small superb of Branson called Hollister. Being on the board was a great way for Jeff to get more active in the community, meet new people, and hopefully spread the word about his business. Being on the board, of course, requires that we become members.  We had such great ambitions to go exercise at least three times a week together after Jeff got off of work and we did make that happen for a little while.  Having childcare seemed like too good of a perk to pass up.  Really it meant no excuses not to exercise. 

Next thing we know, sickness started overcoming our efforts to go.  I started babysitting which meant I couldn't just up and leave at 5:00 to go meet Jeff at 5:30.  Then there was the whole issue of the girls being hungry at 5:30, cleaning the kitchen, giving the girls baths, letting the girls have a little Daddy time, and then off to bed. There really was little time to get to the Y and get all those things done.  After being sick week after week, the thought of dropping the kids off in the daycare center at the Y seemed a little scary too.  Needless to say, I found plenty of reasons to not resume my efforts to work out. Excuses....maybe.

But all our dues are not in vain.  We got to enroll Kadyn in soccer last fall and plan to do so again next fall.  We want to get her into gymnastics soon.  Then there's the fun community events they host.  Last October they had a big halloween bash that was really fun.  Just last Saturday they had a family fun day.  Kadyn got her face painted, got some balloon animals, got to make a crown, won a medal in a race, got to watch some high school mimes reinact the crucifixion, got to go inside an ambulance and fire engine, and walked away with lots of cool handouts.  It was fun for all.  Here are two pictures of Kadyn in the emergency vehicles.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Carrot fries

I tried these today.  Awesome!  So so easy.

  • 1  pound carrots
  • 1  tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/4  teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1/4  teaspoon salt
Directions 1. Slice carrots into 1/2-inch-wide sticks using a crinkle cutter (I  didn't use a crinkle cutter). Toss with olive oil, dried thyme, and salt. Bake at 400°F for 15 to 20 minutes, or until soft, on a parchment paper–lined pan (I just used some nonstick spray)

Monday, April 5, 2010

New talents

From 2010-04-04

Click on the pic to see the video.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Easter Traditions

You may remember awhile back I was racking my brain for new ideas to make this Easter more memorable, to cement the real meaning of what Easter is really about, and to create new family traditions.  I appreciate all those who shared their traditions and plans with me.  A special thanks to Roach Mama for reminding of that Christian website I shared on my blog awhile back.  I decided to use several ideas from there for this Easter that I hope to carry on for Easters to come.  We started 12 days before Easter by opening an egg each morning with a biblical verse in it and some little trinkets that reperesented that verse.  Off the top of my head, there was a nail in one, a little wooden cross in another, some cloth in another, a thorny vine in get the idea. 

The week of Easter we did an Easter craft each day, except Monday.  We made a sun catcher cross, a tomb with a stone that opens up to a verse about Jesus rising from the dead, a sacrificial lamb made from a handprint and cotton balls, and a 3D version of an empty tomb.  Kadyn really enjoyed this. 

Then, finally we made ressurection rolls the day before Easter for breakfast.  I'm sad to say we didn't get any pictures of these.  It was fun though.  Basically you take marshmallows (Christ's body) and dip them in butter and roll them in a sugar and cinnamon mixture (preparing the body for burial with spices).  Then you wrap them in a crescent roll (the shroud).  Next you place them in the oven (the tomb).  Tape the door shut (the stone to keep people out of the tomb).  Place a stuffed animal in front of the oven (soldiers to guard the tomb) and cook according the instructions.  When they are finished cooking the marshmellow is melted and clear so it appears the body is gone.  It really is neat!

The rest of our celebrations were more traditional in nature which I discussed in my previous post.  I really think Kadyn got a firm grasp on the true meaning of Easter this year after all our festivities.  Mission accomplished!

Easter 2010

Easter this year was very nice to us.  Uncle Jason and his new girlfriend, Amanda, came to visit us along with Grandma and Grandpa Bilberry.  It started Friday night when we all went out to eat at a place called Tijuana Willies. We were also celebrating Jason's 22nd birthday.
Saturday everyone slept in a little.  I had to snap a photo of little Bren and Jeff, it was too cute.

Late morning the girls got to open a belated Christmas gift from their great aunt and uncle.  Kadyn and I made resurrection rolls together (bummed no one got pics of this).  She really enjoyed it.  It was a fun and yummy breakfast.

After everyone got ready the boys went to a classic car museum and the girls stayed home with the kids and dyed Easter eggs.

 Late afternoon we played a little Wii and Baba cooked hamburgers for the family before we jetted off to see a the Branson show called Shake Rattle and Roll.  We were fortunate that we were able to get free tickets thanks to Ruth, the mother of one of my daycare kids and performer in the show.  It was fun listening to old hits from the 50's.

Easter morning the girls woke to their Easter baskets full of goodies, a few small gifts, and a note from the Easter bunny.  The note informed them that Jesus wanted the girls to have fun on Easter to celebrate his resurrection so he asked the Easter bunny to hide some eggs.  The plain eggs were for Brennan to find and the Noah's Ark themed eggs were for Kadyn to find (they were hidden in more difficult places).  We all went to a lovely service at church after all the Easter egg fun, and then took a scenic drive by Table Rock lake on our way to Branson Landing to eat some yummy Easter dinner at The White River Fish House.  After our meal we came home, relaxed to a movie, and then said goodbye to Jason and his girlfriend.  Grandma and Grandpa Bilberry will be leaving us tomorrow.  Overall, it was a wonderful Easter.