Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bun phone

Kadyn has taken to pretending to talk on the phone a lot lately. She'll use about anything as a pretend phone. Some of my favorites have been a belt, the remote control, and a link letter. However, her all time favorite pretend phone happens to be a bun from her subway sandwich kit. I call it the bun phone. In this video you will see her chatting away on her bun phone. I love watching her do this, she is so serious when she does it. She often imitates daddy nodding her head yes and laughing as if the person on the other phone is sooooo hilarious!

Turning into a tomboy

OK I think my daughter is slowly turning into a tomboy. I wondered if that would happen being around 3 boys all day, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it now that I see it happening. Why, because I haven't witnessed the other toddler being quite as brave as Kadyn has seemed to become lately. Last time I wrote, Kadyn would go down the slipper slide but with some assistance. Today after watching the other toddler attempt to climb the ladder, she decided to give it her best shot, over and over and over until at last she got a system down. It isn't graceful climbing but she can do it, with mommy closely supervising of course. The funniest part is that once she goes down she gets so much momentum that her feet stop and the rest of her keeps flying face first into the rocks. She just gets up, dusts off the pebbles that are stuck to her face, munches on a few more that slipped into her mouth, applauds her great accomplishment and goes back for more. Time and time I saw her go down landing face first in the rocks and expecting my little drama queen to appear, but she never did. She was such a trooper and was having so much fun!

So today I have managed to dig out not only pebbles from her mouth but also moldy mud which she also managed to cover her nice jean dress in. How in the world do toddlers make it to double digits? Eating dirt and rocks, banging their heads on the table a thousand times because they forgot they were too tall to stand up underneath it, falling face first on the floor because they just....tripped. It's amazing that they survive it all. If there's one thing that this has all done for me as a mother, it's made me worry less because I'm beginning to realize how resilient they really are. The video I attached doesn't show Kadyn climbing the ladder or applauding herself for going down and surviving because it was taken the first day we got the slipper slide, she was still getting her courage up at that time, but you can see how much momentum she gets when she goes down. Enjoy!

Monday, July 30, 2007

It's official!

It's official, I'm middle aged. I turned 30 on Saturday. My birthday was pretty good. I asked for a swingset, and I got it. There's no better present than getting to watch your child having fun. What a lucky girl, getting a BIG present on your mom's birthday. Kadyn loves the slipper slide and swing. The other parts of the swingset she's still a bit little for.

I also got some new tupperware and cookie sheets.....silence, chirp, chirp.....I know does that scream middle aged or what, but I really needed them.

A new baby started at my home daycare today. He is 5 weeks old. Kadyn thinks he's pretty neat of course. She loves all babies. She likes to chatter away to them (none of which makes any lick of sense), pat them, and kiss them over and over again. Of course, it did take a little training on my part to get her to pat gently. The poor mother of this baby was a wreck. She told me later it made her feel so much better to see how excited Kadyn was to have the baby at the house. He is so tiny. It's amazing how quickly you forget how tiny they start out. Then of course Kadyn was a whale when she was born so maybe I didn't forget anything.

So now I officially watch 2 toddlers and 2 infants. It's a full house! Don't think I'll be taking anymore. Kadyn loves it most of the time as long as the other toddler doesn't steal her toys or try to sit on her. She is learning to share on a daily basis, something that doesn't come easily to her and is hard for me to explain to a 16 month old.
Posted with this post is a picture of my birthday cake and a number one candle. Just to clarify, I haven't decided to start over as a one year old. I insisted we have a candle on my cake for me to blow out which Jeff thought was silly, but come on, it's my birthday and I wanted a candle. Unfortunately all we had around the house was 3 number one candles from Kadyn's birthday.
We had three of them because...well that's a whole other story.
Well until the next post taa taa! Hopefully my computer will be up and running by then and I will have some videos and photos for you all.

Take care!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The great abyss

OK you know we all have them. You know what I'm talking about. That one room in your house where everything that doesn't have a place gets thrown aka the great abyss. For us, it is the spare bedroom which also doubles as Jeff's office. I would rather think of it as the great abyss. Once in you may never find your way out. Of course to his credit, it is half the size of Jeff's old room in our Lee's Summit home, and he didn't have to share it with our spare bed at that time, but I try not to visit it often, or I get a little queasy (Ok that was like the longest run on sentence ever, and I digress). The rest of our house is in perfect order, but this room is technically deemed Jeff's space and therefore, I do not touch.

Recently we have changed phone plans. Instead of buying a plan that offers an allotted amount of minutes, we are buying our minutes and using them up and then forking out the money for more. I used to take pictures with my cell phone almost everyday. Now that we have changed plans it will cost considerably more. Thus, I have to learn how to use our digital camera. A few more steps to get them up and loaded onto the computer, but.....doable. Except for one teensy problem.......the camera is currently dead and the charger is in the great abyss. My head is spinning just thinking about it.

So the point is this, more pictures to come on "The Bilberry Clan Can" once we conquer the great abyss. The Bilberry clan can find that charger, but this may take awhile:) Toodles!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Testing, testing, one, two, three

OK so I logged onto Sarah's blog just to see if she had anything new and decided to comment on her oh so cute pic of Phin not realizing you must be a member to make a comment. Next thing you know I end up signing up for my own blog. I've seen several now and thought to myself, if they can do it, so can I. No peer pressure or anything. Actually, Jeff tried to start one awhile back and just hasn't been able to keep up with it. I'm better at those things so I'm giving it a shot. What better way for friends and family to keep up with you eh? So here's entry number one, more to come from, The Bilberry Clan Can. Taa taa for now!