Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OK only 6 more times, I can do this!

You know the thing I hate the most about the last trimester is bending over. It is almost impossible to breath. My poor bathroom hasn't been cleaned in over a week and suppose posting this lame post is my way of procrastinating cleaning it. I just keep telling myself, you only have 6 more weeks to go. That's six more times to clean the bathroom with a huge basketball in my belly. I can do this! Go Darci! Go Darci, go! If I never post again, it's because I passed out from lack of oxygen for what I am about to do.....dumm dumm dumm, clean the BATHROOM! Now no more excuses, I have got to get this done before the kids wake. Toodles!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Geeze, I stay busy

Seems lately my plate is really piling up with my job of stay at home mother/wife. We have recently gotten into "Angle Food Ministries." It is basically a really cheap way of getting groceries. You may have one in your area if you are interested on saving some bucks on groceries. The only problem with doing groceries this way is you have to order packages of food. You do not buy food by the item. So sometimes there will be things in the package you order that you typically don't buy and you have to figure out how to make it. The good thing is that it has forced me to cook outside my normal box. Recently we have gotten a whole bag of red potatoes, white potatoes, lemons and apples. The lemons I have no idea how to use other than cleaning stuff and occasional seasoning. I already had apples on hand before I got a whole other bag of them and potatoes too, so now I have way more lemons, apples, potatoes than I can possibly use before they go bad. Thus, my new goal is to make homemade lemonade, applesauce and freeze, and freeze most of the potatoes. I am having to research recipes to do these things for I have never done this kind of stuff before. It's kind of fun.

In addition to that I am finishing up my personal sewing project and will be starting a new one that is more for the kids. I will be making a lot of homemade wipes to go with my cloth diapers, cloth napkins, learn how to sew buttons on Jeff's pants, and some soakers to insert in the diapers at night time for extra absorbancy. If I get really adventurous I may even try to sew matching easter dresses for the girls. My sewing machine is working but still giving me fits every now and then. It is not uncommon to get 5 minutes into a project and then for my thread to break or for extra thread to get caught in the bobbin case. I can't figure out what is causing it all and it makes me so angry but I'm trying to be patient and deal with it because I don't want to spend any money on it right now.

My time of all this freedom to do crafty things and cook is drawing to a close as I have less than 7 weeks left until this baby comes. I know once that happens, it will be awhile before I can find the time to do these things so I am trying to enjoy myself as much as possible now. Kadyn has really been good about playing with her friend Liam most of the day and hasn't been that demanding on me. Daddy plays hard with her every night and I still do my two organized activities with both kids everyday so she gets plenty of me time.

It amazes me how busy I can keep myself while staying at home all day. I really admire those women who work out of home. I don't know how they can keep it all together. I think if I was working something would give. I'm sure we would be eating a lot more quick unhealthy foods. Cleaning probably get pushed to the wayside a lot of times. I am sooooo thankful that God has blessed me the ability to stay at home. For now, it is fulfilling me as a person. I know there will be a time when I am ready to go back to work probably when my kids are all in school, but for now, I am finding contentment and restoration in my current state. Thankyou Lord for my life. It is beautiful.

Friday, October 24, 2008

"I" tag game

I am-looking forward to having my new little girl here in 7 weeks!
I want- to be more resourceful and save money
I have-heartburn right now, ugh!
I wish-we knew when the rapture was going to happen
I hate-dishonesty
I fear-loosing my loved ones
I hear-the movie "Independence Day" right now
I search- for new recipes that are healthy and that Jeff will actually eat
I wonder- how different Brennan will be from Kadyn
I always-have a routine to my day, I thrive on routine
I usually-do the laundry once a week
I am not-able to sleep lying down the entire night
I dance-very seldom these days
I sing-children's books, in other words, I make up a tune to go with the words
I never-let a day go by without telling my darling child how much I love her
I rarely-see my parents in person anymore, maybe twice a year
I cry-sometimes when I pray
I am not always-on time like I used to be
I lose- my patience with my daughter at times
I’m confused- about some of the bible and God's will for me
I need-more storage in my house
I should-work out more
I dream- more vivid dreams when I'm pregnant than when I'm not
I TAG-ummm...hate being the party pooper here but the only people I know that read this blog have already been tagged. Bummer!

Even in the small stuff.

In my last post I was discussing my woes with my sewing machine. Shortly after lunch while I was having my quiet time with God I requested his assistance with the machine. After all I have felt led by God to find ways to be resourceful to save money and this little project was supposed to help me do that, but not if it meant going out and spending money on a new machine or fixing my old one. If God really wanted me to be resourceful, why would he let this machine break down. So, as doubtful as I was that I could figure it out after 2 hours of trying before I prayed, I still asked for his help.

Later that day I felt I needed to give it one more try to see if he would answer my prayer. I felt like I needed to rethread it one more time paying particular attention to the way I threaded it around a certain knob, and so I did. I still don't know what I did differently, but wala it worked! Then I had the realization that I had sewn some sticky velcro and perhaps the needle had sticky residue on it which wasn't helping matters. Once again, I was right and wala, it works even better. I was a little taken back that God had really answered my prayer on this one. It was such a silly request but he must have cared enough to answer it even through my doubts. It assured me that he approved of my quest to use my resources and be resourceful and cares about even the small stuff. Who would've thought that fixing a broken machine would give me such a spiritual lifting today. I love it when God works like that.

Ugh! Why does it screw up now?

I have started sewing some things for myself. I prefer not to say what, it's kind of personal, but the point is, I am getting crafty. I've had a sewing machine my mom gave me when I went to college and it has worked find until now. The thread keeps catching in the bobbin case. I have tried everything, cleaning what I can clean, oiling it, and's worse than before. Before it was useable, now it just won't stitch worth a darn. I've called the sewing center to see how much it would cost to have it serviced and they want 60$. For crying outloud I could almost buy a new sewing machine for that! So now with all these pieces cut up, ready to be sewn I'm just sitting here wondering, do I have it serviced, do I spend a little more and just get a new machine, or should i really look into that used serger on craig's list I found for the same price as a service call on my machine? I've always wanted a serger and it would make sewing things sooo much easier, but my regular machine would be out of commission until I foot the bill to get it taken care of. If I ever wanted a regular stitch I'd be out of luck. Darn the insanity of this all. I' m in go mode and can't go! Why did this thing have to screw up now?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Yawn, blink, blink

You know I really didn't think I'd be loosing sleep due to both my kids until after the baby was here. I guess I was wrong. Apparently Brennan wanted to host a party in my womb for two half hour sessions during the night last night, and then Kadyn woke an hour early this morning. I'm soooo dragging today. I think a cat nap is in order during the kid's naptime or I'll never make it through water aerobics.

My last visit I was so relieved to have only gained 2 pounds this past month. I've shown a gain of 6 pounds at every appt. until now. I think my aerobics class and eating more fruits and veggies may actually be paying off. In some wierd way, hearing that I only gained 2 pounds made me feel like I actually lost weight. I have exactly 8 weeks left. I am now going to start going to the doctor every 2 weeks. They will start checking for signs of dilation and labor in another 4 weeks. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel to say the least. Other than being uncomfy, I really am doing quite well. I need to post some more pics. We have professional pics scheduled to happen November 11th at sears, exactly one month away from due date. It's likely that our Christmas pictures this year will be with me being pregnant even though this baby will be out by the time Christmas is actually here. Oh well!

Kadyn has started a new phrase that we haven't the slightest clue where she picked it up. Two days ago she blurted out, "Daddy come here on the double!" I thought it was cute but am so baffled where she got "on the double from." Yesterday I pointed out to her that one of her baby blankets had her name embroidered on it. She was suddenly so enamored with the blankie. She'd trace her name with her little finger and say, "Kadyn...Mae...Bilberry....9...20 dollars!" It also has her weight 9lb 7 oz on it and somehow she interpreted that into dollars! It was cute to say the least.

So I guess life is just plugging on as usual in the Bilberry household. Jeff is becoming a little exhausted in his job with all the chaos surrounding the market right now, rightly so. It's been difficult for him to try to assure his clients that everything will be OK if they are just patient and ride out the storm, although no one really knows that for sure, and that is always in the back of his mind. He is trusting the advice of his bosses, and that is all he really can do right now. I'm very proud of him for all he does at work everyday.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather and gearing up for the holiday season! Toodles!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blood moons.

If any of you know me very well you would know that one of my interests is the study of prophecy in scripture. I don't get really in depth with it, but I do like to know anything that has been fulfilled and like to keep myself informed of things to come. After all, we are called to be aware of the signs of the times. It seems in today's church society that prophecy is rarely, if ever addressed. This has really frustrated me. I think too many people are worried about being seen as quacks; I was when typing this blog actually! There is so many different interpretations of biblical prophecy out there that others are worried they may give the wrong one and look foolish when time proves it wrong (many have done this). Yet others are just worried about causing controversy within the church by bringing it up. Lastly, no one wants to get stuck in the doomsday frame of mind, it's a depressing way to live really.

But to ignore prophecy and teaching it within the church is wrong in my opinion. I wish I could remember the exact percentage, but I can tell you that a huge portion of the bible is devoted to prophecy. Obviously God feels it is important for us to know. To ignore it isn't biblical and certainly isn't right. We need to be aware of times to come and prepared for Christ's return. We need to live our days as though he could come at any moment. And yet.....too many of us live our day in, day out lives as though things will always continue the way they are. Perhaps they will. Perhaps we will all live out our lives here on earth and pass away before the great rapture. But there is a possibility that we are extremely close to end times. There is a possibility that he could come any day now. To ignore this, in my opinion, is foolish.

When you actually delve into the study of prophecy you will quickly realize that we are living in exciting times. Prophecy is coming true before our very eyes and we are getting closer and closer by the day to end times. For those biblical buffs, that means closer to a rapture (if you are a pretrib believer) and closer to the tribulation and the 1,000 year reign. Even if we are 100 years away, folks that's still close. When you consider that Christ was on earth 2000 something years ago, a hundred years really seems close doesn't it? Personally, I think we are WAY closer than that. I won't tell you when I think it will be for no one really knows that, and we won't know the exact date or time. He will come like a thief in the night as the bible says. However, if you read the signs of the times you will know that we aren't far off.

Recently I came across something that is so fascinating to me regarding end times. If you are the type of person that likes science to back your faith, this is it! It is regarding the study of solar eclipses and lunar eclipses and how they line up with prophecy in the bible, specifically the prophecy of the 4 blood moons. It REALLY is amazing and makes the hairs on your neck stand up. So, if you have 30 minutes of free time and this sort of thing is starting to intrigue you, give it some time. Here is the link:

Once you go to the link you will have to click one more link to see the actual program. If anything, it will make you think and realize how important it is for us to be ready.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The old fashioned way

With all this economic turmoil, one can't help but think it may be smart to prepare for the worst, just in case. Jeff and I have never wanted to take part in fear and panic that happens within our society. However, this wall street mumbo jumbo has gotten our attention. Although they say another depression is most likely to never happen again, you can't entirely rule it out as a possiblity. No one has a crystal ball and can say with 100% certainty that that wouldn't happen. So a person is left to ponder, do I take this as my warning to get ready now, or do I trust that it will get better? If it doesn't, I could be kicking myself for not preparing when it's too late to do so. So....we thought perhaps it might be a good idea to take a few precautions.

We thought we might stock up on a few dry goods and other essential commodities. Then I decided that maybe I ought to give cloth diapering a try. Yes, the old fashioned way of diapering a baby. I must say, I have NEVER really been a big fan of cloth diapers. The thought of having to swish a poopy diaper around in a toilet sounds appalling to me, but if I'm truly going to be prepared then I need to consider this. After all, if there comes a time when we can't get food, then it seems obvious that disposable diapers are out of the question too. So I did my research and somehow managed to find enough cloth diapers to get the job done for the next two years providing I do laundry 3 times a week if I use them on a full time basis. I really think I'll just try to use them when we are at home and then use disposables only when we go out unless of course times no longer prevent me to use them at all. Because of the incredible deal I got, I think I might possibly save myself almost 680$ in diapers over the next 2 years. And I do feel a little greener having made this decision. If I try it and totally regret it, I can probably make most of my money back as used cloth diapers sell very well on ebay. But until this baby is out of diapers ,I think I will have them on hand for that peace of mind for worse days ahead.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New inspiration in a spiritual lull

For some time I have become too complacent in my relationship with Christ. I go through the motions: church on Sundays, prayers before all meals, prayers with Kadyn before bedtime, reading at least one chapter a day in my bible and praying afterwards, small group with church friends on Wednesday nights. I just have been uninspired through it all and feeling as though I really need to change something to get on fire instead of being "lukewarm" which scripture so often warns about. I was not growing and I knew it.

I decided to find a group online that perhaps could offer some daily devotionals so I could get a different take on scriptures rather than just trying to get my own take on them from my daily readings. I did this online because my most productive personal time with God comes during the kid's naptimes and when I can't leave the house. Since it's not in the beginning of the day or the end of the day, I am alert,attentive, and clear in mind. I could never have imagined how that search for a devotional group could grow into so much more. On my cafemom website, which I speak of often, I found such a group of ladies, and a prophecy group, and a christian marriage group. All of them have there own unique subject matters that are relavent to me and in which I find interest at this point in my life. I joined all three. I now do my daily devotions online.

One of the ladies in particular recommended a website to me which I found particularly inspiring. I will post the link at the bottom of this entry. It was a man's dialogue (prayers) with God. In other words, he published online his conversations with God. It was so striking to read what God may have said to this man. I say "may have" because no one could know for sure if this man is just making it up, or if indeed this is the voice of God talking to this man that he is sharing with the world. But, none the less, I enjoy reading them and it has sparked so many more meaningful conversations of my own with God in a similar format.

For most of my life I have enjoyed writing which may be apparent due to the fact that my blogs are so lengthy. Typing is soooo easy for me that I can get carried away. Somehow words just flow out of me when I type so easily. So I decided to start praying through my writing; a prayer journal on my computer if you will. It is almost easier for me to type a prayer rather than say it outloud. I feel better spoken. I love that fact that I can go back and reference what I was feeling at that time and see if God has truly given me answers to those requests or questions that I had after some time has passed. It has created a new spiritual growth in me and although it has just begun but only a week or two ago, I'm beginning to wonder if it may just stick for quite awhile. It has been refreshing to say the least.

So if any of you are in a lull, give these conversations with God a look see. Maybe you can find some of the same inspiration I have found. Here is the link:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things I really miss during the last trimester.

1. Holding my daughter close without my belly getting in the way
2. My energy
3. The ability to bend over and breath at the same time
4. Rolling over in bed with little effort
5. Sleeping in a bed instead of a couch
6. Not feeling overly stuffed every time I eat
7. Not feeling like I have to pee every hour
8. Walking with both legs together instead of waddling
9. Breathing normal instead of feeling like I just ran a marathon
10. Not having to put lotion on every square inch of my body

Monday, October 6, 2008

Diabetic and still yummy!

OK I just tried out another diabetic recipe on me and the kids and it was a hit. I loved it! Fairly easy and great way to sneak some veggies in without kids noticing. For those of you who like new recipes that have been tested and given a stamp of approval, here's one for you. Also, I did alter it a bit and I put in parenthesis the parts I altered. Enjoy!

Ham and Potato Frittata

buttered flavored cooking spray (i used canola spray)
3/4 cup finely chopped reduced fat, 33% less sodium cooked ham (I just used those tiny cubed ham pieces you buy and put in salads)
1/3 cup finely chopped red bell pepper
2 cups frozen country style hash brown potatoes
1/2 cup sliced green onions
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 (8 oz) carton egg substitute (I couldn't find this so I picked up a carton of pure egg whites
1/3 cup reduced fat shredded sharp cheddar cheese (I used regular and increased the quantity to make it more appealing to the kids)

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place a 10-inch nonstick ovenproof skillet coated with cooking spray over medium heat until hot. Add ham and bell pepper; saute 3 minutes. Add potatoes and next 3 ingredients; saute 4 to 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender

Reduce heat to medium-low. Add egg substitute; stir gently. Cook 2 to 3 minutes or until nearly set. Place pan in oven and bake at 450 degrees for 3 to 4 minutes or until set Sprinkle with cheese while frittata is hot.

I put cheese on before I put in oven and just baked until cheese had melted and hardened a little bit. I also doubled the recipe so we would have left overs and increased cooking time on every step because of that. The kids LOVED it! That's great considering it had green onions and bell peppers in it. Salsa on top also makes it so yummy!

Let me know if you try it and like it! It's a keeper for us.

Hope you're having a good day.

Her lack of patience gives me the same thing

Lately Kadyn has really been testing my patience through her own lack of patience. Seems our sassy phase is phasing out (although she has an episode or two from time to time) and we are starting a new phase that means a more demanding less patient Kadyn. It usually happens during anytime she is at the table eating. If she wants a drink, she wants it now! If she is done, she is done now and wants cleaned now! She insists on repeating herself over and over and over and over again as if I didnt' hear her the first time. She seems to have ear plugs in when I tell her I will get to her in just a minute.

Granted I probably am part to blame because sometimes I'll tell her just a minute and then get caught up cleaning this or that and she just sits there waiting on me. But lately, it's getting to the point where something needs to be done. Patience is hard for me as a 31 year old, I can only imagine how hard it is going to be for Kadyn to learn it. So this week my goal is to crack down on her about being so demanding and her lack of patience. There will be an increase in time outs, for sure and it will be a lot of work for me to go back and the forth from her chair to her room for time outs and of course a lot of explanations and sorrys that will need to be said, but I'm hoping if I'm persistent I will see some improvement by the end of the week. Seems this is how every phase goes. We have a whole week of exhausting corrections and then the behaviors start to improve.

Of course, I need to work on my patience if I am going to expect her to be patient too. So this week I dedicate to patience. Sweet Lord help me exercise it myself and instill this value in my child. I'm going to need your help!

The power of a nilla wafer

Since I have been on a health kick lately, it seemed only appropriate to put the kids on one too. I have really tried to stay away from processed fruit cups and try to make them eat a lot of fresh fruits. The have not cared for the textures of these unprocessed foods and skins on them too. One day after trying to get them to eat an orange I decided to bargain with nilla wafers. I told them if they ate all their orange they would get 3 nilla wafers. Kadyn, eager to get her reward, tried to swallow a piece of orange without chewing. I think it became stringy in her throat and made her puke. She thought that would get her out of eating the rest of her orange and then she would get her lovely prize afterwards. WRONG! I simply cleaned her up, changed her clothes, and told her she needed to chew them better and eat them all and then she would get her cookies. She did it! She ate the rest and got her lovely prize. Liam did the same. Today was our second attempt at oranges, and there was no puking. They still didn't care much for them but snarfed them down for the lovely nilla wafers. I'm hoping eventually they'll get over the texture and skin phobia and eventually learn the love the fresh fruits so someday......maybe we won't need nilla wafers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What a trooper!

Kadyn got her first of two flu shots today. Jeff's office was giving them out to the employees and their families. I couldn't get one because my OBGYN said it had to be preservative free, and it wasn't. Asked the nurse about that and she said it had something to do with a suspected link between the shot and autism. For this reason, many pediatricians don't give it to children under 3, unless it has no preservatives. It is new research, but they can't prove it yet. She said we all got vaccinated with preservatives as children. Based on what she said, I opted to go ahead and let Kadyn have one anyways. Besides, every place I called when I got home didn't offer them without preservatives anyways. And I digress.

The point of this blog was to tell you about my little trooper. I warned Kadyn that it may hurt a little but not for long, and it would help her from getting sick. She actually seemed excited about it. When she got it, she only let out one little whine, and that was it. She did so amazingly well. On the way out the door she said, "Where's my shot?" I don't think she realized that was it. I think she thought it would be a little more tangible. I had to explan that it was in her body now. She then exclaimed that she wanted to show her friend "Gilly" her shot and bandaid. She also asked if she could get one in her other leg. I suppose, little one, I can make that possible in another month. Like a said, what a trooper.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The "Manfest"

Jeff would probably kill me for posting this but I thought it was so funny and adorable I had to post. Besides, I have a feeling I really only have two female readers anyways. The only danger is if a man reads this. So here goes.

Jeff got roped into attending a "manfest" this weekend hosted by our church. How? They want him to play drums. Yesterday he came home announcing that he was expected to spend the night on the floor in a sleeping bag. Apparently the 'manfest' is an overnighter. As if a bunch of grown man sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags at a church isn't funny enough, I got to thinking and asked him which sleeping bag he was going to use. We only have two sleeping bags. One of them is Kadyn's pink sleeping bag and the other is a toddler "cars the movie" sleeping bag. Obviously he had to pick the pink one because it is the only one he will fit in. He's got to be the only man there who will bring a pink sleeping bag. I suppose it's his way to proudly announce he's the only man in our house of girls and proud of it. Maybe he'll get lucky and meet another poor soul who comes in a pink sleeping bag. I'm sure that would be a bonding experience for them.

I love my man so much and can't be more proud of him for being comfortable enough with his manhood to sleep in his daughter's pink sleeping bag as if to say, "Yes, I live in a house of women and proud of it!"

I love you Jeff! You are so adorable sometimes!