Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Colorado 2015

We have finished our trip to CO to see my folks.  Overall, it was a great trip.  It was 3.5 hour trip to KC to stay overnight with my sister and her family for the evening and then we all headed up to CO the next day.  That part of the trip took 14.5 hours.  Between getting that many people in and out of a bathroom and getting orders for that many people, it added considerable time to our drive.  At least I had someone to keep me company for all those hours behind the wheel.

Day one was filled with four wheeling around he house, riding horses in the mountains with the bigs, and a visit from my grandparents.

Day two was filled with another trail ride in the mountains with the littles and more four wheeling.  My sister took the bigs to play marbles with my grandparents.  The dog was also a HUGE hit during the trip.

Day three we headed to Glenwood Adventure park about and hour's drive from my folks' house.  There we got to ride the Alpine slide, a couple roller coasters, a zipline, tour a cave, see a 4D movie, and my favorite, rock climbing.  Brennan was the highlight of our day when she opted to try her hand at rock climbing.  She almost made it to the top and drew quite a crowd doing it. When she could go no longer she bawled her eyes out with disappointment and we had to send someone up after her to get down.  It was a moment I'll never forget.  My little girl who wouldn't ever swing in a baby swing  or ride on her Daddy's shoulders a few years ago because of fear of heights had surprised us all.  She sure is changing.  Kadyn and I both made it to the top, but we have a couple inches on Brennan which makes it a lot easier.  I have a feeling next time she'll be up there before any of us.  She sure is one determined little girl.

We had to ride a gondola to get to the park.

Still unbelieveable looking at the picture.  One brave little 6 year old!

Gracie and Kadyn

On our last day we took it easy and recharged our batteries.  I decided to workout with the bigs and my sister until my sister was stung by a bee.  Later I ventured out for a 4 mile walk with my niece and a little weight training when we returned.  It was nice to have one on one time with her.  I've never had that time with her before.  The girls baked cinnamon rolls from scratch with their grandma and the dog got spoiled the entire day.  He was a BIG hit.

We left 7:10 CO time, 6:10 our time the next morning.  I drove the entire way to KC then dropped off my sister and kids and kept going.  I just couldn't bring myself to unload the van and reload it again.  I was determined to make it home.  The kids slept the rest of the way and I turned up the music full blast, sang at the top of my lungs, froze myself out with the ac, danced in my chair, drank tea, and did leg lifts beside the steering wheel to keep myself awake.  My sister was worried about deer at night.  I did drive by two of them on the shoulder of the road, but God answered my prayers.  They just stood there and stared at me.  Finally, at 1:30 in the morning we made it home safe and sound, just in time to hug Jeff go to bed and say goodbye to him as he left the following morning to KC for work.  The trip back took about 18 hours overall.  I have to say, the kids didn't complain during the drive up or back not even once.  They are wonderful travelers.  Between a DVD player, game system, cousins, they were content.  We are lucky!

Saw 3 hot air ballons on our trip back.  The little dots in the picture.

I am glad to be home and we are now gearing up for a short weekend in St. Louis to Six Flags with our church.  We are officially on the downward spiral towards the start of school.  This summer has been the best one yet!  I can't say I'm ready to go back yet, but I'll get there.  For now, I'm going to relish every last minute of summer!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 First half of summer

We LOVE the beach!  This year we bought a season pass.  30 bucks baby!  We also have a beach umbrella, picnic blanket and real beach bags.  We are professional beachers.  Our usual routine on a beach day is to eat lunch, sun block up, pack a snack, and head out.  Then I set up camp on the beach and join the girls when I'm finished.  They spend their time diving for shells, making sand castles, or just practicing their swimming.  Brennan is really getting better.  She can pretty much swim under water and is starting to swim above the water fairly well with goggles.  Hoping she can ditch the goggles and do both without them too very soon.  Every time we go she gets better.  I absolutely love floating and people watching.  I am also the official shell jar holder.  We have been working for years to fill that puppy up.  The shells are tiny people.  It takes awhile.  When we are finished, I plan on gluing them all to a frame and putting a beach photo in it.

Other going ons have included a fun visit from my good college friend Kelsey, one of Kadyn's friends sleeping over, fun summer drinks with the hubs under my new twinkle light umbrella, a date night to a dinner movie theater, going out with our pastor and his wife to see Jonah the musical (which unfortuntely we have no pictures of), and lots and lots of workouts (for me).  Let's just say the rain and heat haven't kept this lady down.  

B has been drawing pictures like crazy this summer.I had to buy this one for 5 cents.

Every morning starts out with a movie or two.  We are slow to rise and get around to doing things.  It summer!  

Kadyn's friend came over for a sleep over.  We took her to the beach and they jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler.

The shell is so tiny, can't see it can you?

My friend Kelsey and two of her four kiddos.  It was a great time reconnecting.

I dread the day I will no longer be able to enjoy summers with these two.  They are the best to pal around with all day.

Riding scooters while the moms walk.

A short dip after a long walk in the woods.  Why not?

A mudslide under my new twinkle light umbrella.  Ah!

The girls did it too, with their non alcoholic drinks of course.  They felt special because they were in wine glasses.

Harry thought the umbrella was a nice touch.

First time they did this.  I was amazed I got a decent shot,  This punk kid kept swinging this bucket of water around and getting dizzy and almost crashing into the girls.

Stopped off at a splash park for fun after a trip to Sprinfield to visit the library.

This summer God decided Branson needed a monsoon.  The dam has been open and the flooding has been crazy.  People are actually having to be rescued to from their vehicles.  The only perk is, I don't have to water my flowers.

Our beach umbrella is just the right size for me and the girls.  It is a perfect place to stay out of the sun and dry off for a snack or reapply sunscreen.  
Still to come this summer:  A trip to CO to see my folks with my sister and the cousins, a weekend get away to St. Louis to six flags with folks from the church, redoing our bedroom, moving Jeff's parents up, and lots of doctor's appointments to get ready for school.  I can't believe summer is half over and we are on the downward spiral of it.  Waa!!! I heart summer.