Monday, August 27, 2007

Putting on our shoes and getting out of town!

Thursday afternoon we are off to KC to catch a flight early the next morning to Colorado. We haven't been out of town on vacation, I think, since last Thanksgiving. I'm so excited. We will be flying to the Grand Junction area to visit my parents for a couple of days. I don't have any expectations for the trip really. Just hoping Kadyn will be on her best behavior and won't be sick or teething, so we can enjoy our time together. My parents don't get to see her often, so when they do see her, I always want her to be able to be herself. It seems lately all of our parents seem to catch her when she's sick or teething.

Yesterday went to home depot and it was next to impossible to make it anywhere in the store because Kadyn decided she had to stop every couple of feet and dance in the middle of the aisles. It was so funny, although I'm not sure everyone around us thought so, especially if they were trying to get through the aisle. I'm afraid we came off looking like those obnoxious parents who adore thier child too much and expect everyone else to do so. Oh well! She is adorable what can I say? Some people found it cute along with us, but there were others who I could tell where annoyed that we didn't just pick her up and keep moving. Poo on those people I say. We're making memories.

Well until next week adios!

Monday, August 20, 2007

I love babies!

Kadyn loves babies! Here is a video of her expressing that great love. Enjoy!

Boogie Woogie Kadyn

We had a lot of fun with Kadyn this weekend and our new music channels on cable. As you can see in this video Kadyn really knows how to break it down. In fact, we took her to a wedding reception and she got to show off her new moves. She enjoyed it so much that she cried when we had to leave because it was bedtime. I think watching her dance is one of the cutest things I ever saw.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poor Brutus

Last night Kadyn got ahold of a napkin and chased Brutus (our weiner dog)all over the kitchen trying to clean him with the napkin. It was so funny. I just didn't have the heart to take the napkin away. Poor Brutus; he really does handle children well considering everything they put him through. It's moments like these that make life worth living. I will certainly miss these innocent times when my little girl is just trying to be like her ever so cool momma.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

It has been sooooo hot here lately. Usually mornings are very pleasant but lately I can hardly stand it by 9:30. Needless to say, we have been trying ways to cool things down a bit, and Kadyn and the gang really enjoy swimming in the baby pool, although it is a BIG task getting 3 kids ready to swim. After I change all their diapers, put on their suits, pack a bag with all supplies, and put on sunscreen 30 minutes have already slipped by in a wink. Thankfully, they really enjoy the pool so it is all worthwhile in the end.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Yet another adorable video from your dearest! It's one thing to watch your child grin from ear to ear as you cover your eyes and boo in thier face, but you know they've reached a whole other level when they become the peekabooer.

I've also added two picks of Daddy reading Kadyn some stories (she loves reading) and a few pics of her helping me cook. She really wants to help me now days. The other day she found a rag on the floor and went around pretending to clean everything with it. Do I have her trained well or what!

Catch me if you can!

Last weekend Kadyn had a great game of chase going on with Daddy. She has recently learned how to run, not very quickly yet, but still fast enough to be classified as a run. And of course, as all new parents could testify, any new development is like the cutest thing you ever saw in the world. I had to post both videos because they were both just too cute to only pick one. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Smile....or not

This morning we went to one of the local parks (probably the prettiest park I've ever seen) and had our photos taken by a friend. It has been over 6 months since our last family photo. I just feel like when kids are this young they change too quickly to not take family photos more often. So we loaded up in our new minivan and headed to the park late morning to capture this moment in time. It was like a sauna, of course, but we managed the heat. The problem was getting Kadyn to sit still and smile. This age is soooo difficult for taking pictures. Seems I can get a smile out of her easily at home, but anywhere else and forget it. There are just too many distractions and things for which she is dying to get into. We spent a good deal of time playing in a puddle which fortunately had a base of rocks so we didn't get too dirty.

My friend took 267 pictures, these are just a few of the good ones she picked out. I have yet to see the majority of them, but thought I'd at least share a few she sent me.