Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Huge strides of progress.

Just an update on my monstrosity of a blog post last time, Kadyn has made leaps of improvement. She had two half accidents this morning; I say half accidents because she started to go and then realized what she was doing and stopped and told me so she could finish in the potty. She has had a dry day ever since, telling us every time she has to go.

My favorite memories of the day and this whole process now include when she went poop and would have to stand up after each turd to take a look and then sit down to do the next. I also about melted when she hugged me as I was helping her put her panties back on and said, "Tank too (thankyou) for help mommy!" Each time she has told me she has to go, I grab her hand and say, "Hurry, hurry, we don't want to pee in our panties." I guess she caught on because the last few times she's been the one running to the bathroom saying "hurry, hurry!" And my all time favorite, weird yes, but so endearing....she loves to wrap her arms around me and kisses and hugs me while she's going. As long as it works, it's OK by me. My little girl is so bright. I love her so much am so proud of her right now. Sorry I have to brag! I'm sure there will be accidents to come, but we are well on our way.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

We've begun!

This entry is bound to be lengthy. My apologies. This is also not for the squeamish. We've begun potty training! I had no plans to begin this soon but it just kind of happened on a whim and based on Kadyn's cues. The first day I did panties only and I must have cleaned a gazillion puddles off the floor. I could tell Kadyn felt awkward about going on the potty because a few times she stood up halfway off of the potty and let it go on the floor instead. My favorite was when I was cleaning up my dog's puddle while Kadyn was busy making a puddle with a few turds of her own beside her potty. Not using pullups was really giving her a full experience of wetting herself and she didn't like it much. She got really good the first day of telling me immediately after it happened or during but never before. So... most of it ended up on the floor and we probably went through a dozen outfit changes if not more.

She did manage to go on the potty two times. Once because she sat on it forever just for the sheer enjoyment and newness of it and the second time was only because I caught her in the act half way through and rushed her to it. She tried to add more to it and convinced herself everytime she got up that it was new pee and exclaimed, "I peed" with her nose about 3 inches from it. Very cute!

Day two by midmorning we had one accident. I asked her shortly after if she needed to go and she said yes. I did not know she had just finished pooping in her panties which is why she said yes and she did actually still needed to pee. I pulled down her panties to put her on the potty and three poop balls roll out on the floor and she starts to pee. Brutus, our dog, takes off with one. I got upset, which upset Kadyn, and ran after Brutus. Rescued the poop ball out of his mouth and then proceeded to clean up the rest of the pee that started to come out of her before I was able to get her on the potty. Are you laughing yet?

That inspired me to take my mom's advice and try something different; I knew if I had to clean up this many messes for too much longer I would get burnt out really quick. I caved and bought pullups, cloth training pants, and vinyl covers. Started with the pullups (the kind that get cold). That totally didn't work. She didn't even tell me when she wet in them which she did so well with the day before when she was wearing regular panties. Next I put her in the cloth training pants with the vinyl cover. That didn't work either. She wet in them and never told me, although it didn't leak. So finally I just put her in the cloth training pants without the vinyl cover and without pants. This time when she peed she told me during so I whisked her to the potty and let her finish on the potty. I gave her a chocolate egg as a reward and she was so excited. I let her do the honors of flushing it down the toilet and saying bye bye to it. Even though she starting peeing in the training panties they did not leak on the floor.

10 minutes later she says to me "poo" (we're still learning the difference between poo and pee).
So I whisk her off to the potty again and she pees again this time without wetting her training panties at all. I COULDN'T believe it! She was once again excited for her reward and to get the opportunity to flush it. All my fears about this being too early to train her just went out the window. Maybe she can do this. I know tomorrow will bring more accidents but at least I know if she did it once surely it can happen again.

My plan now is to only use the cloth diapers without a cover and without pants during the day, use them with a cover when we're out in public so we don't leak (FYI they didn't leak down her leg without the pants but they would probably get the pants wet if she had them on) and to use pull ups only at night while she's sleeping so she will stay dry and not get diaper rash. I'm going to save so much money on diapers. Yee haw!

I have decided not to night train her just yet. I'm going to postpone that for quite awhile. I don't think she would wake when she feels the urge to pee which would mean a lot of wet sheets to clean for me. Of course if she starts asking to pee in the middle of the night I won't discourage that. For now, I'm just happy to be seeing progress with what I'm doing. I don't expect we'll be done training anytime soon, but at least I know she can do it. Go Kadyn!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great weekend!

This weekend went great! Our trip to KC went well with the exception of Kadyn having a horrible night of sleep. Our family's visit went really well too. Kadyn's party was a blast and she really got into the easter egg hunt. The easter egg dying wasn't quite as appealing to her, but at least she did it. I just love that she's old enough to actually do these things now.

To my surprise she was very receptive to her entire family even though she rarely gets to see them. She was a little social butterfly. Wish it didn't have to end, but onward we go. My folks are coming memorial day weekend so I guess that will give me something to look forward to again.

I will post some pictures later when I figure out where Jeff stored them on this computer. Until then, taa, taa!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The gang

Here's a pic of my daycare gang and one of Kadyn and Liam sporting the hats they made and were very proud of. It's not very often that I get the whole gang in one area for a picture. They're too busy.

Just for fun

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gearing up for madness

What a week this is going to be. Kadyn's party is on Saturday. Easter is on Sunday. Sometime during the week we have to go to KC although I'm not sure exactly when that will be. Jeff's parents will be driving in on Friday night as well as another surprise guest (it's a secret I can't spoil it). I think I'm ready for the party, though something always seems to come up that I forget about. Last year we ended up having to get a number one candle three times. I am trying my best not to stress about all that is ahead, but it's difficult I just want everything to run smoothly.

I ended up getting the flu after Kadyn got it. I was MISERABLE! The worst part was that Jeff couldn't take off of work to help me with Kadyn. I felt like death and she was crawling all over me. Of course discipline was next to impossible so she got away with murder. Trying to make her food or snacks made me nauseas. Needless to say, Kadyn got to take in too much TV last week. It was shortlived thank goodness, but the recovery took quite a bit more time. Even today my appetite still seems funky. I feel overly full eating very little.

Like my friend Sarah, I too have been obsessing over potty training. I really think Kadyn is ready and keep thinking how nice it would be to change diapers on only 3 kids everyday instead of 4, but really want to time this right. Since I have decided to be brave and go the no pull ups route I don't want this to be long and drawn out. If only we could get as lucky as we did with moving to the big girl bed and have absolutely no problems. I keep imagining Kadyn peeing on the floor and then one of the other kids stepping in it and walking through the rest of the house with a pee sock. Hmmm, this could be tricky! And the time I've heard you spend just sitting in the bathroom waiting for them to go. What in the world do I do with the boys during that time? Do I just let them come in and watch Kadyn go? Would that be wrong? Surely it doesn't matter this early. They're too young for modesty. Right? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. I need to ponder my battle plan a little further.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Highly recommend odoban!

Yesterday Kadyn puked all over herself, her lunch, her booster, the floor, and the table at lunch. Sent all the kids home early. Didn't know if it was just a one time deal or she really was sick so wanted to exercise caution. She never really acted sick, even after she puked. Then later that night she did it again all over our couch. Needless to say I highly recommend odoban from Sams Club and a good steamer to get puke out of anything. Today, however, she has been well....normal. Weird, weird, weird.

So I asked off for today thinking I would be taking care of a sick child and instead I just got a normal day off. Oh, I'm in heaven. It feels so good to take a day off and have nothing pressing that has to be done. Since Kadyn was actually feeling better we went to Walmart and went shopping for her party and for Easter. Then we met up with Jeff for lunch. Oh, how I miss just being a stay at home mom and not a daycare provider. It has it's perks, but I miss being able to just pick up and go to the park, or mall, or Walmart, or to a friends house. Someday maybe I'll have that luxury again. Needless to say, I have really enjoyed my day.

Part of Kadyn's Easter gift will be a new potty. I put quite a bit of thought into which seat I wanted. I finally made a decision and now I just count down until the big day when I decide to give it a whirl. I'm all set, potty seat... check, ample supply of clorox wipes and towels for accidents...check, ample supply of panties....check, still need a bit more, sticker need to do that. O.K. maybe I'll wait a couple more months. Almost ready. It will be a sweet day when I have one less diaper to change and poop actually goes down a pot with one flush instead of in a trashcan with 5 wipes. Oh yea, and I almost forgot to mention my greatest discovery....a portable potty seat. Not the actual chair that they go in, but the cover that goes over the lid of an adult potty. They have them at Walmart. They fold up and go in a ziplock bag. That solves my dilemma of what in the heck to do with them when you're out and about and they have to go. I suppose on long trips I better take the entire chair, but for short trips here and there the foldable one should be just fine, at least I hope.

Well that's the latest and greatest from the Bilberry clan. Hope you all are doing well and avoiding the pukes. Toodle loo!

Monday, March 3, 2008

First night was a success!

Kadyn had her first night in her new room and in a big girl bed. It took her body awhile to shut down but she managed to sleep pretty well. She woke once and cried but went right back to sleep after I went in and told her to go back to sleep. She was unable to nap yesterday at all. She just couldn't shut down. I think it is taking her body awhile to realize that this new bed and new room is where she is actually supposed to sleep.

Anyways, to my surprise she didn't try to get out of her bed once. I did tell her that she would have a time out if she tried to get out. Either that worked, or she is just so used to being confined in a bed that it really didn't cross her mind. I was glad that we put a guardrail up since at one point I found her sleeping upside down in the bed. As I type this she is taking a nap in it without problems.

I have to give Jeff some credit for pumping up this room to Kadyn. As I was laying in bed with her yesterday to try to help her get in a sleepy state she looked at me and goes, "Cool room!" She was very excited to finally be allowed to sleep in it. She also calls it the "P room" for "pink room."

I'm so glad this has gone over as smoothly as it has. A month or two of adjusting to this change and then I think I may adventure into potty training. Woohoo!