Monday, April 28, 2008

Rough night

Kadyn woke last night at one in the morning screaming. This has never happened beforep; in fact, Kadyn really has turned into a great sleeper. She has woke and cried before, but not screaming. I went in and comforted her but she was scared for me to leave the room. Her language skills aren't quite good enough to tell me what the matter was. The only thing I could figure was that we shouldn't have let her watch Beauty and the Beast. It's funny how things that once seemed so harmless suddenly aren't that harmless when you look at them through the eyes of your child.

Anyways, I wasn't willing to spend the entire night in the bed with her so I put on a CD of nature sounds and left the room. When she started to cry I told her I would have to turn the CD off if she was going to cry through it. That seemed to work pretty well. When the CD was over she woke again and cried out, "Wake up for me dude! Wake up for me dude!" This time I sent Jeff to the room. He said she was surprised and excited to see him saying a few more "dude" sentences and then off to sleepyland for good with the CD playing one more time.

Wierd night. I'll never know for sure what woke her but I will probably always wonder. No one wants their child to have bad dreams. The thing I found most weird was that it was the one night were we forgot to pray that Kadyn have a good night's rest. I guess that prayer really does work. The one time we forget, Kadyn doesn't get a good night's rest.

Everyone at the daycare has runny noses again. I feel like we are on two week cycles. Two weeks of healthy kids, two weeks of nose faucets. I get soooo tired of wiping noses. It is one of those kid things that is just soooo gross.

Kadyn is still doing well with potty training although I think she's getting more prone to not wanting to take breaks to potty before it's too late because she's too involved in an activity. She had one full accident today while she was banished to her room for something naughty. When she does wet her pants she feels awful about it I can tell, and since I don't use pull ups during the day she often waddles off to the bathroom in tears because she's uncomfortable.

We took Kadyn to the Bass Pro shop (only 5 min from our house) on Saturday for awhile. She has been there before but it's been awhile. Her comprehension of all the animals was obviously much better this time. She really enjoyed looking at the big fish and live turtle exhibit. The ducks were pretty fun too. I don't care for all the stuffed real animals there, but I do enjoy walking around and looking at all the live animal exhibits. It's a good place to learn about animals without having to pay. Our zoo here is pretty great too, it would take all day to get to every exhibit. It is very large. I have been there three times and still have yet to make it too all the exhibits.

Jeff and I are contemplating taking a minivacation this summer to St. Louis while we are still a family of 3. I am dying to get out of the house and out of town for a little while for that matter. We haven't been on a vacation in so long I can't remember. Every trip we take always involves visiting other family. It would be nice to have some memories with just the three of us. It can't be for long because we can't afford to take off of work and have some other bills we want to pay off so can't spend too much, but I think it's needed for my mental health. I'm soooo coped up!

OK the kids are starting to fall apart so I better get going. Besides I'm rambling. Toodles for now!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just because....

Just wanted to post these because piggy tails are soooo cute and Kadyn grew her first beard!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun weekend

This weekend our church held a picnic outdoors at our new facility. There was horseback rides for the kids, lots of food, and a band from Branson played. We brought our kites and flew them. Kadyn loved the kites of course and amazingly loved riding the horses too. She went twice all by herself. The second time she even got brave enough to let go and wave at me, pet the horse, and crack a smile. Before she even got on she exclaimed, "My horse. My horse." She would make Papa proud. A true cowgirl. Man did she ever look so tiny and cute on that horse. All the other two year olds wouldn't do it. I guess Kadyn takes after mama.

Jeff tried out a new trick kite while we were there, but the only trick he managed to do was make it wrap around one of our friend's neck. He admitted it was much harder than he thought. He never did get it to go up in air for more than 5 seconds. Guess we'll have to work on that next time.

I would post pics but we forgot our camera. Oh well! You'll just have to use your imaginations.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think I have a disorder.

I think I have a disorder. Seems I always want a different hairdoo. When it's long I want it chopped off. Once it's chopped off, I like it for a month or two. Then I see all these women with pretty long locks, and I think that's what I want. So..... I grow it out again only to chop it again a few months later. The growing out stage really stinks, and I think I drive Jeff nuts through it all. Why can't I just be content with a doo? One thing is for sure, I'll never be one of those women who gets stuck in an out of date hairdoo.

So all this to say, I'm in that in between stage of growing my hair out. It's not nearly as short as it was, it's not even close to long either. It's a....well a helmet. Just lovely. Hope it grows fast.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A couple new pics.

Two of the pics are self explanatory, but I wanted to explain the other two. The kids are eating their snack in the closet because the tornado sirens went off. It was a cozy afternoon, especially when I got in there with them. Also, Kadyn tried to tatoo her belly button with a pen. That was lovely!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She's clever!

Kadyn has started something new that is so clever and it has taken me a little while to figure out how to work around it. She really is doing so well with the potty training. Saturday she even had a entire day where she stayed dry. The day after she only had one accident while she was outside playing (understandable and expected). Then yesterday she only had two accidents, both were on the naughty spot while she was serving her time. She told me she had to go as soon as I put her on it. Naaa, I thought, she just wants to get out of serving her punishment. Turns out she went on the naughty spot. So I wondered if it was just a coincidence that she had to go every time I put her on the naughty spot or if she was just saying that to get out of serving her time. If I didn't let her go, I think she would purposefully go in her panties.

As the day went on I found out it was the later of the two theories. Every time she got in trouble she suddenly had to go to the bathroom. Because I didn't want her to go in her panties I decided the best way to deal with it was to let her go and then make her go back to the naughty spot and finish her time. My only issue now is whether or not she really remembers why she was there in the first place. Sure I can remind her, but I'm not sure it's soaking in. She's so clever!

Saturday we went to the park and flew kites. Kadyn loved it! The first 5 minutes were rough. She chased me through the park crying because I wouldn't let her hold the kite, but I wanted to get it up in the air first. It really was humorous. I was surprised she could hold that kite all by herself. Kites are made so much better than they used to be. Hers was just the right size for her.

Jeff and I had a good hee haw this morning. Apparently in the middle of the night last night I woke up briefly and shook his arm and said, "Don't fall off, don't fall off!" For some weird reason I thought he was going to fall off the bed. Perhaps my fears of Kadyn falling off the bed transfered to Jeff? I immediately went back to sleep. I do remember doing it, but I'm not sure why I did it. I forgot I did it until he reminded me this morning.

Well there's our new news from last week. Toodles for now. Pictures will be coming soon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still doing well

Kadyn is still doing very well with potty training. Yesterday she had a total of 3 accidents, only one of which she didn't tell me about immediately following. Today she had two accidents, both were poopy accidents. I think the poop thing will be a bit harder. The first one really wasn't her fault because she was strapped down to a highchair for her snack and I was in another room changing the baby. Needless to say, I am very pleased with her progress.

For the past two weeks she has really been fighting going down for the night. For the past two weeks she has really been fighting every step of our routine to get to bed. She would throw little fits and procrastinate. She even pretended she had to pee on the potty for what seemed like eternity. Then, last night she laid in bed for almost an hour and a half chattering and whimpering occasionally until she finally fell asleep. I felt like perhaps she just isn't needing as much sleep as she used to. So tonight with the later bedtime things went much better. She wasn't nearly as resistant and much more pleasant to put down. I still hear her singing as I type this in her room, so we'll see how long it takes her to actually fall asleep.....5 minutes later, silence.

After her bath this evening she started making up a song. Most of it was jibberish, but I caught a few words. The weird thing is that it actually had real notes and a structure that would repeat. I think perhaps she is going to have some musical talent when she grows up. That's so exciting.

Tonight when we said our prayers she expressed an interest in saying a little prayer of her own. For the first time I could actually understand some of what she said to Jesus. She thanked him at least three times for her friends Nam, Whoa, and KoKo (Liam, Will, Kendall). She also thanked him for books. It was oh so sweet and it gave me warm tingles to know I am getting through to her the concept of a relationship with Christ.

We are less than two weeks into Kadyn being two and I am just loving this age. Sure it has its challenges, but everyday she just seems so much more endearing and adorable. How did I get this lucky? Thankyou Lord for my sweet little girl. I am so blessed.