Monday, March 31, 2014

Turned a corner.

I hope I don't jinx myself by writing this but I think after 3 years B has finally turned a corner.  Three years people!!!!  Three years of giving the girl miralax  I can hardly believe it.  Someone crack open the bubbly.  This is cause for celebration.  I am sooo ready to be done with poop talk around here.  Unfortunately, I think I may still be asking,  "Have you pooped today?"  for some time until I am finally convinced this is for real.  Someone pinch me.  A person should not be this happy about something like this should  they?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 2014

It's a busy month.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Jeff's car bit the dust.  1.5 years after we purchased it.  It was the one that had the odometer rolled back, remember?  We really got jipped.  Hoping this new set of wheels gets us through a little longer than 1.5 years.  We upgraded quite a bit this time.  Still no car payment though!  Shew!  

Our annual Chamber of Commerce Black Tie event.  The only day out of the year I go shopping for formal wear. The dress looked much better in person.  Bad picture.    I can't wait until next year when my hair is long enough to put up. If I don't give up and chop it by then.  

This is my new baby.  I call her Pearl because of her mother of pearl inlay around the sound hole.  I set out to learn how to play her since I was given money to spend on a classroom set of ukuleles.  I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I've been having with her.  I really love teaching kids instruments.  It's my favorite!

Sometimes you just feel like crap and you just get desperate.  I had no meds, my nose wouldn't stop running, and I couldn't get through folding a load of laundry without blowing my nose every 2 seconds.  This was my fix to help me get through my chores.  Chores don't wait for you to feel better.  Worst part was, it didn't even last long enough for me to get done.  I had to replace the kleenexes half way through.  B decided her nose was running when she saw me do this and did the same thing.  Really hers wasn't running, but she must of thought it was cool.  LOL.  I almost didn't post this. Embarassing.  But then, haven't we all done this?  If not, enjoy a good laugh. 

I am not into taking selfies.  The only reason for this pic was to show my husband that I actually got ready on a snow days.  All other snow days were spent in PJs, without makeup, without even brushing my hair.  I had to prove to myself at least one snow day that I could act like a real human being.
I think this snow day pic actually happened in Feb.  I lost track.  Anyhoo...B insisted on snow ice cream which she later decided she didn't like.  K chose hot chocolate.

We have added 2 more days onto our snow day total for this school year for a grand total of 18 snow days!!!! Unbelievable.  This was the sight on one of those days.  A blanket dance floor with little girls in dance costumes (aka swimsuits).  Quite amusing I must say.

Kadyn's 2nd grade music concert.  She was so nervous.  It was cute.  She is hard to see, but the girl in the camo dress.  She had a special part in the performance.  She was the only one who got to play the G boomwhacker.  She took her part VERY seriously.  The music teacher bragged about how her part was the most important part in the song because all the other kids followed her part.  Yep! I'm raising me some little musicians.  K has asked for a ukulele for her birthday.  Surprise, surprise!
It seems fitting that this is the month of Kadyn since it is her birthday month.  She also was one of 3 students selected in her grade at the school to be featured in a local kids art show.  The show was held at a neighboring city art exhibit.

Busy, busy month!  Time is flying by.