Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Been awhile

It's been too long since my last post.  I'm not sure if my need for this outlet is less, my time to put into it is less, or I'm afraid of posting things that are too negative and just refrain.  Maybe it's all of the above.  None the less, those few followers that keep up with us might appreciate an update every now and then so here goes.

Jeff-Jeff is up knee deep in studies for his CFP now.  For those who don't know what that is, it's basically like a masters degree in the financial world.  Everyone who has taken it says how hard it is. This step in his career is needed to take him to the next level and also make him eligible to be partner at his firm.  He spends nights and weekends studying.  I'm very proud of his diligence and determination.  So far so good.  Two tests done and he passed both.  His next one is sometime this summer.

Kadyn-Kadyn is doing well in school, and into her friends more than ever this year.  She is really enjoying her C4 class (gifted class) and tells about it all the time. She has made a new friend in the class which she has become close too.  Her only extra curriccular is piano now.  This has had ups and downs.  Kadyn usually catches on quickly to concepts, but that doesn't always mean her fingers do what her brain tells them too.  It frustrates her when things don't come quickly to her and she has to redo them several times.  This has been a big learning curve for her when it comes to playing an instrument.  Also, (and I knew this might happen) she forgets to treat me like her teacher which means she will say or do things that she wouldn't otherwise do with a different teacher.  We're working on it, but it isn't easy.  Her goal is to switch to violin, which I have agreed to let her do if she finishes her second method book on piano first.  We shall see.

Brennan-Brennan is growing leaps and bounds mentally and physcially.  She is reading pretty good now and has become eligible to be in a book club (enrichment for the upper kids).  She hasn't gotten any close friends this year, which has bothered her from time to time, but she keeps on trying.  She got a speaking part in her Kindergarten play along with several other kids.  Yes, being her music teacher made me a little partial to pick her, but also I knew I could depend on her to learn the part since I am her mom.  She memorized her lines and spoke them like a champ.  Not an ounce of nerves.  Doesn't get that confidence from me.  Her piano skills are coming along about as I would expect for a Kindergartener.  Both girls are LOVING the trampoline and are on it constantly.  I keep thinking the newness will wear off, but not yet.  It's nice having them in plane sight out my back door.

Me-So much to say.  I have wanted to post before on things going on in my life, but refrained because I didn't want to come off negative all the time.  This year has been good, but trying at times. Things in the education world are changing so quickly.  Some of the changes this year have been very difficult and if I'm being frank, downright unfair.  My spirit got crushed a little bit because of it.  If you want specifics, you'll have to talk to me directly.

Also, this year some of my colleagues did things that were hurtful to me.  I have always raved about them, and I still think highly of them as teachers, I am just saddened by their actions.  The good news is I pulled up my boot straps and tried to be the bigger person.  It made me step back and really think. God helped me realize that people will let you down no matter how hard you try, because all people are sinful.  He also reminded me that I have no control over other people, BUT I do have control over myself and how I choose to react.  It inspired me to work on me to make sure I do not become the very things that hurt me.  I worked hard to build relationships with folks I work with this year by being more social at lunch with them.  This is a little out of my comfort zone, I tend to be more on an introvert.  However, after my experience with individuals I have decided to draw back again and accepted that it's OK to be me.  I now feel my time is better spent eating lunch in my room alone, doing a short bible study and praying.  I have started praying a lot for folks at school.  They are in the trenches with the same kids day in and day out dealing with some pretty heavy stuff personally and professionally.  I know what some of them deal with constantly as I have to deal with it too, only in fifty minute increments and only once a week per class.  It can be very draining. So rather then hold resentment, I choose love.  I choose forgiveness.  I choose support through prayer and smiles in the hallway. I choose to ask them how they are doing.  Even if those gestures will never be returned to me, and usually they aren't, these are the choices I am doing because I know it is right.

I can say that my efforts and work to build relationships with my students returns to me ten fold, especially at the primary level.  I am always showered with hugs and I love yous and compliments about class. In the end, as long as my students are happy, I'm happy and I can consider my day a success.

In other news, our yard looks better than ever.  I spent way to much, as I do every year replanting things and grooming up things this spring.  I take great pride in our yard.  Dare I say, it's the best one in the neighborhood?  I can't wait for the day when we live next to people who have as much passion for a great looking lawn as we do.  We are the odd ducks in our neighborhood.  Most people here grow a nice patch of weeds, overgrown landscaping put in odd places, and maybe a car or two parked on the lawn.  Sigh! Needless to say, we both know that this is NOT our forever home.  I think the nail in the coffin that was  sign we will be moving on someday was the feuding neighbors.  Since we have had new renters move in across the street, our yard and others around us have become a litter box for their 5 animals.  Nothing like having your husband step in a nice pile of mushy poo when mowing the lawn then leaving his poo boots to stink up the whole garage.  Nothing like having to shoe other people's cats out of your garage so you can close the garage door and having your windshield covered in paw prints.

The cats had several litter of kittens and one litter of puppies.  We found a kitten dying by our house infested with fleas.  Their dog drug a dead deer head (with a tag on it's ear) into our yard.  They sometimes dump their trash in our trashcan.  They went from 2 vehicles to 4, two of which they park on the street and one is disabled.  Their child leaves her toys in our yard and doesn't pick them up.  I could go on.  We remarkably have kept our mouths shut even though my blood boils at times about it all.  Our other neighbor couldn't put up with it anymore and it all turned into quite the feud which ended with minor destruction of her property and a shouting match with choice words in the street.  It has made it all awkward for the kids who all play together.  Stinking adults!

We are starting to dream of the home God will take us too next.  It's going to be awesome!  Strict homewoners association codes are looking pretty attractive right now for a future neighborhood.  Still a long ways out, but I know it will happen when it's supposed too.

Summer plans have been changed for our family.  We were going to do a beach vacation with friends, but we cancelled due to Jeff's studies.  Just felt it was smarter to wait another year.  I will be traveling with the girls and my sister and her kids to CO.  Good news is, we can totally still have fun because of where we live.  We plan on renting a boat and doing some tubing, hitting the beach all summer at the lake, and going to the water park at least once.  Aw Branson!  Gotta love it!

Well that about wraps it up.  Next time I post, I'm sure summer will be upon us.  I am so ready.  I need to recharge my batteries for sure.  So close!